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First Edition First Aid Training Inc. – Facebook & Twitter: Social Media Management, Design & Content

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I have been working with First Edition for many years building up their web content, social content, and sending out a monthly newsletter. First edition has a difficult product to sell online, so we are using the platforms as an opportunity for added media and SEO.

Many customers have found First Edition through their social channels and moved to make purchases through this, especially in the first aid realm. Some, though, have clicked through to the online courses directly through facebook and converted.


We have been growing First Edition completely organically with no paid advertising or boosting.

Because of the smaller budget, facebook is the primary social platform, with twitter posts created out of the same calendar and reformatted for the platform (shorter and with hashtags).

First Edition First Aid Facebook

First Edition First Aid facebook First Edition First Aid Posts First Edition First Aid fb page


First Edition First Aid Twitter

First Edition First Aid twitter


First Edition First Aid Blog

aed price blog

how much doesn an aed cost blog grow your own medicine plants blog aeds in teh office blog


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