Blog for Business



What’s included:

*Each blog will be between 600-800 words long, depending on need.

*Each blog will be heavily researched for both content and best keywords (for that SEO thing you keep hearing about).

*Each blog will be properly formatted with headlines, subheadlines, content paragraphs, bullet points, and anything else needed to engage your readers (because blog readers are not here to read an essay, so you have to break it up).

*Each blog will also come with a custom branded feature image with the blog title and your logo (this is so that when the link is shared on social media it comes with a fancy image that is also engaging in and of itself).

*Each blog will include a 2 sentence content piece to pair with your link when sharing on social media.

**Bonus: If you buy 4 or more blogs, we will even upload and schedule the blog in your website for you
(limited to WordPress sites)


The Process

You’re ready? Cool. Here’s how it works.


1. Go ahead and purchase as many blogs as you’d like.

2. Afterwhich, one of our amazing content writers will get in touch with you to find out more about your business, get an understanding of your needs, establish your tone, and pass on double the amount of topics that you purchased so you can pick your faves. Or, if you have awesome blog topics and titles, we can just write that for you.

3. Once selected we will write each blog for you and send it 1 week in advance of posting date for approval. If you need them all at once we can arrange that, or we can write them weekly, biweekly, or monthly ongoing until the stock runs out (at which time, you’ll be so thrilled with the brand enhancement and content that you will purchase more!).

4. If you purchased at least 4 blogs and have a wordpress site, we will post and schedule your approved blogs on your website – so you can just sit back and watch the traffic come in (but remember to share the blogs on your social channels).

Thanks for the help!