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SEO Tools and Tips That Top Marketers Use

SEO Tools and Tips that Top Marketers Use

SEO Tools and Tips That Top Marketers Use

So, you want to accomplish SEO excellence that is comparable to the top marketers? Lucky for you, this is absolutely possible! The best thing about marketing is that everyone can do it with the right SEO tools and tips (and of course, having the time to do it all is important too!). All you have to know is which tools to use, how to utilize them properly, and understand how to apply them to your site and blogs. Doing all of this will result in a masterful SEO piece of art (yes – marketing is beautiful). Ready to get going and use the best SEO tools to piece together the grand puzzle of marketing brilliance? Here are the best SEO tools and tips that top marketers use, and how you can apply them to your own business!

(TIP: Save all of these links as bookmarks under your ‘marketing’ bookmark file. Refer to them with each blog you write!)


Keyword Optimization

There are a bunch of amazing SEO tools out there that specifically focus on keyword optimization. Because, as you know, in order to be found in the big world wide web, you need to have the right words drawing people to your site. The more amazing keywords you use, the more likely that all-mighty Google will smile good fortune upon you and your business. The more Google “brownie points” you receive, the better results you will achieve. Take a look at each of these keyword optimization tools to help you accomplish this important part of the marketing process.


Keywords, Keywords, Keywords!

Keyword generators are the way of the future! No more guessing games, Russian roulette, or flipping of coins – selecting the best and most relevant keyword is a piece of cake with the right tools! All you need to do is enter keywords related to your business on sites like LSIGraph, Keyword Tool, KWFinder, or Moz Keyword Explorer. Each of these sites gives you the chance to peruse through any keyword you can think up, and see their popularity, volume, trends, user location, and search volumes of each keyword, and get new ideas too. Finding a relevant, awesome, and super-duper-SEO-focused keyword is now the easiest part of marketing!


Comparing Keywords to Select the Best of the Best

Google Trends - SEO TOOLSTo increase the popularity and odds of your blog being seen, compare SEO keywords to make sure you are using the one most people are searching for. Not sure which keyword is best? When considering the top SEO tools that marketers use for keyword optimization, one of the best (and free!) options available to you is Google Trends. This simple, organized, and highly effective tool allows you to enter in keywords, compare them, see the interest overtime, and take a look at the breakdown by sub-region. Another tool that works in a similar way is Moz Keyword Explorer – letting you compare keywords, see the popularity ratings, and suggest similar ones! All you have to do is enter in the business-relevant keywords that you are considering using, identify which is receiving the most ‘hits,’ and pick the best of the best!


See Who’s Talking About You

In reality, having people talking about you can be a bad thing (no one likes a rumor weed!), but in the realm of business online marketing, the more people talking about you the better! That being said, in order to benefit from this, you need to know who is talking about you. That is where Social Mention can assist! This unique SEO tool will allow you to search up keywords, business names, etc. and observe a breakdown of how often, when it was mentioned, and the strength of mentions regarding that topic.

(Note: Also use this tool for reputation management and customer service. That is it’s primary use.)

(TIP: If the keyword you are using is not receiving mentions, you can do some more keyword research to find a stronger keyword, or work to improve engagements via your social media channels!)


SEO Analytics

You have all of this information at your fingertips, but unless you know how to read it, you may as well just store it in that un-named file folder on your desktop. You know the one, it has all the unused, lost, overwhelming, and misfit files hiding in it! To understand and learn from the data, you need to learn how to analyze it. See how to do that by using these tools:


The Analytics Starter Package

If you are a newbie to understanding analytics and are wanting the basics of SEO analysis, then SEMrush is for you! A search on SEMrush using your site domain name will bring up data such as organic searches, backlinks, display advertising, organic keywords, position distribution, and way more! This analysis will help you get a better idea of where your site is at in terms of helpful SEO and the areas where you have room for improvement! Want a brief overview? Head to the SEO dashboard on the site and get the quick glance you need to see where your business page sits!


Getting Tight with Google

Google Analytics - SEO TOOLSAs we all know, Google is every marketers master. Without good SEO, your business will be pushed to the very bottom of the never-ending Google search result list. If your business is on the bottom, no one will ever find it (even 3rd page is a wasteland). Thankfully, along with the many SEO tools and tips, Google gives us a merciful helping hand with Google Analytics. By signing up, you can receive Google’s help (and attention) by adding tracking codes into your site and receiving data that will teach you more about your audience. Learning more about your audience allows you to define your tone, work to reduce bounce rate, and uncover all the dirty secrets about your audience (such as location, age, gender, interest, what device they use, etc.). Help yourself by letting Google help you!


“These Are Not the Links You’re Looking For”

You may not know what to look for when assessing the more detailed and complex SEO linking aspects of your site (that is often why we have our web developers on speed dial). Thankfully, this is where Moz Link Explorer comes in handy! With this SEO tool you can plug in your domain URL to receive a report that explains the hits and misses you have on your site. Moz Link Explorer will assist to improve the internal and external links on your page and ensure that visitors are able to easily move through the site without issue. Another wonderful SEO tool that identifies broken links with the click of a button is Dr. Link Check – the perfect doctor for your broken site pages! The site offers a full analysis of how your website is running and the issues that need to be addressed. Say goodbye to broken links, and hello to a reduced bounce rates!


Content SEO

You have the perfect keyword, you are a pro when it comes to analyzing SEO data, now it is time to work on tidying up that content. Simply having a perfect keyword on your website or in the title of your blogs won’t do it. You want to create your content in a way that will give you the best chance of earning those Google “brownie points.” Boost your content with these SEO tools for content SEO and you will be well on your way to becoming #1 at the top of a Google search list.


Tracking Totally Trending Topics

Answer The Public - SEO TOOLSNot sure what to write about? Stress no more – Answer The Public has all the questions people are asking! This unique site allows you to write in the keyword of your choice and see all of the questions people are asking about that topic! Out of the many results given to you, you can select the best and turn them into a high-interest blog topic. Then the next time someone types that question into Google, you are more likely to appear in the results! Now, excuse us while we go write a blog on “How Elephants Can Totally Climb Trees…”

(TIP: Have your keyword ready to type because the home screen of this site is a very creepy and scary old man!)


The Editor You’ve Never Had for Improved Quality Content

Don’t consider yourself a writer? You don’t have to be a pro to blog! Even the top marketing professionals need an external editor sometimes.

So, Find that keyword, put some pen to paper, and come up with some content! If you are unsure of the quality of your writing, there are SEO tools to build your confidence! Check the quality of your writing through the Readable website! This tool lets you paste in your blog content and after hitting the “Score My Text” button, it will give you a breakdown of your blog! It will share the spots that need improvement for grammar, length of sentences, overused words, etc. It will also give you an overall rating of your blog to help you understand what level it is currently at and what you should be striving to accomplish.

(TIP: For those using the WordPress platform, Yoast is a must-have. This amazing plugin helps you analyze the content of your blogs and identifies the problem areas. You can insert your keyword, improve the readability by reading the Yoast suggestions, and add important tags!)


Creating Headlines that Suck (…suck people in… like a trunk with water… Right? Get it?)

Co-Schedule - SEO TOOLSIn addition to dropping keywords in your title and throughout your content, you still need to have killer headlines. Having headings and sub-headings that catch the attention of your audience through entertainment, information, shock, or awe will be sure to keep the skimmers on your page longer. The longer they stay, the better your SEO is! That is why you need to add CoSchedule to your SEO toolkit.

Enter your planned blog headlines in the search bar and hit ‘Analyze Now’ for a detailed breakdown of how your title will do in terms of SEO. If the headline needs improvement (such as this ‘Elephant Body Language’ blog headline), then you can use the suggestions given to make it a killer headline instead!

(Note: This tool is best used for blog titles, but our professional hack is to us it for all internal headings to really strengthen your blog from the inside out (holistic bogging? Trademark!))


Marketing Content for the “I Don’t Do Social Media” Entrepreneur

Once you have quality content on your site, you need to start sharing it! One of the most common ways to do this is through social media platform posts, engagements, shares, and outreach. But there are some shortcuts you can take to save you time while still getting your blogs to the people! Missing Lettr is a content tool that uses ‘drip campaigns,’ social content creation, and branded imagery to send your content to others. This takes the guess-work out of social media management and shares simple social campaigns to those in your audience. Once these campaigns have been delivered, the site reports back to you with engagements and analytics so you can continue to build your business!


Backend SEO

“Hello from the backend siddeee!” At least if Adelle was singing about SEO, that might be something she would say. There is more to search engine optimization than the keywords you enter, the analytics, and the content you create – there are things you need to do to improve every part of your site – particularly, the backend (no, we are not talking about elephant butts!). Here are the best SEO tools that can be used to improve your site from the backend side!


Building Speedy Sites

Page Speed - SEO TOOLSNothing is worse than arriving at a site and waiting for a page to load. It is these types of snail-speed pages that often have extremely high bounce rates (seriously, no one can wait that long anymore! #thingstodoplacestogopeopletosee). But no longer do you have to anxiously wonder about what speed your pages are. With PageSpeed Insights by Google you can enter your web URL and analyze it right away! Once entered, Google will provide you with a speed score, lab data, and, best of all, opportunities for changes that will improve the hustle of your site!


Friendly with the Phones

MOST people are looking at your site from a mobile device (don’t believe us? Check Google analytics)! No longer can you just have a website that works on a desktop – you need to make sure people can find and use your site on the go. There are specific formatting features you can add to your site to ensure this, but if you don’t know whether you have them or not, it is high time to check! Using the Google Mobile-Friendly Test, simply enter in your URL to check. If it is not yet friendly, this is a simple and effective way to boost your site SEO!

(Note: Google actually reduces your ranking if your site is not optimized for mobile… so if you failed this test – get a new site upgrade ASAP – you’re invisible)!



Once you have mastered and commanded the use of each of these SEO tools and tips, you can have the marketing world under your fingertips! Take the time to use each and apply them to your website, blogs, and content and soon enough you will see the results!


Not enough time to tackle these tools on your own? We get it! Marketing is a busy and detailed job of its own! That is why we understand that while you handle the bookkeeping, accounting, sales, emails, project management, payroll, phone calls, and other day-to-day that comes with running a business, we can manage your marketing! Let Jumping Elephant stomp the competition and build a huge presence for you and your business while you get the important stuff done! We can’t wait to make an impact for your SEO!

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