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Social Media Seminars

Social Media Seminars


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Businesses are beginning to truly understand the power and importance of social media. Knowing that their target market is ripe for the picking on a variety of platforms across the internet encourages them to find the best ways to interact with potential clients.

Some businesses prefer to manage their own social media platforms and simply need guidance on etiquette, how-to’s, and tips to properly engage with their audience. Creating awareness and turning engagement into leads are the primary functions of social media, but cannot come to fruition if the platforms are mismanaged. Diving in head first with no guidance or training can be confusing and will add hours to projects that should only take a matter of minutes.

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Sarah Kirkpatrick offers social media seminars for groups of small business owners as well as organizations comprised of independent contractors. The seminars are ideal for those businesses looking to improve their social media ROI via a better understanding of the various platforms and how to avoid the common mistakes made on each.


Seminars are 3-4 hours in length and cover each of the top 6 social media platforms and how to utilize them for business. Seminars will educate you on how to increase engagement and get leads from your platforms, as well as overview how to improve your page as it relates to your business. There will also be exercises to complete during the seminar that will be specific to you.

We touch briefly on other digital marketing opportunities such as blogging and newsletters.



Seminar Testimonials:

I was totally impressed! I contracted Sarah to help my team learn about social media and online selling through a webinar and it was a great experience. She was incredibly professional and provided a ton of useful information during our webinar. I would highly recommend her services! Whether your new to social media or have been successful at it there were a ton of amazing tips!

-Tara Butterwick

Great Social Media workshop today, great for the small business who is overwhelmed with where to get started! Looking forward to more in-depth workshops!


Wonderful workshop reviewing the different social media platforms. Great information for a business owner to get started! Sarah is effective as a speaker and keeps people engaged in the content discussed!


I took Sarah’s 4-hour seminar on social media a for small business. Sarah packed a great deal of information into four hours. It is clear she knows her stuff! I found her info helpful, and her manner was approachable. I would definitely take another class. The cost was very reasonable and I feel that I got a lot of information for the money spent.


I definitely enjoyed your Social Media seminar and gained a much better “World View” on the application of meeting the people who are looking for me! Your explanations and illustrations were very effective and you identified a number of critical factors I needed to know.



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