150 Best Hashtags

There are so many websites out there that spill out the ‘best hashtags’. Some of them are just general hashtags like ‘#love’, which have millions of posts but will get you zero engagement (how could it? 100s of photos are going up every second on there – how could someone connect with your photo?). Other websites are a little bit better and break the best hashtags down by industry. “Best hashtags for real estate”, “best hashtags for photographers”. “best hashtags for events”, “best hashtags for clothing stores”, “Best hashtags for restaurants”, “best hashtags for MLMs”. You get the idea. And these will have slightly more specific hashtags like ‘#realestate’, ‘#photography’, ‘#events’, ‘#outfits’, “#restaurants”, “#MLM”… revolutionary… And EVEN if you find some that seem to be slightly more targeted and popular (like #entrepreneurlife, #foodporn or #ootd), they will become overused quickly.


Instagram now penalizes photos for using the same hashtags on multiple posts.


Even having the same hashtags on 1/4 of your posts could cause your photo to plummet in views. You need to have brand spanking new hashtags for each post (we recommend for at least 10-15 in a row). Annoying right?


Thinking of hashtags is hard!!!

Hashtag research is time-consuming because it consists of 3 HUGE tasks:

  1. Knowing what is trending (These will not only come in handy in the short-term, they will lead you to the accounts that know hashtags best)
  2. Sourcing and scouring industry influencer posts for their best and most-used hashtags (it’s their job to know and use the best ones in your industry)
  3. Following those gem hashtags down the ‘rabbit hole‘, picking and choosing the best hashtags for your business. Then following those gem hashtags down the ‘rabbit hole‘, picking and choosing the best hashtags for your business…etc! (sometimes you look up and don’t know how you got there)


By doing this you get a list of relevant, niche, popular (but not too popular), client-finding hashtags that you can filter through for weeks. Mixing them in with some of those more generic ‘popular’ hashtags will ensure you get a good spread of popularity engagement, as well as relevant engagement from those that are truly interested in your business.


#yycre #eventprofs #farmher #wiwt #babyshark #myalberta #pocketofmyhome #womenwhofarm #showmeyourstyled #adventureguide #lightupyourlife #eventsofalifetime #mythbusted #delishkitchen #knowwhatsinyourfood #meanwhileinalberta #whatsforsupper #constructionlife #cardiotwitter #OHCS #factorfiction #womenwhoinspire #tuesdaytreat #dosomethingbig #workhardeathard #shoplocal


150 Best Hashtags For Business

To save you from scratching your head for hashtags with each and every Instagram and twitter post, reusing the same hashtags over and over again out of desperation, and spending hours of your valuable and limited time researching hashtags to find just the right ones for your company SPECIFICALLY… we will curate a list of 150 of the very best hashtags for your industry, products/services, and USP for your company.

This list is not one that we will just be copying and pasting to every realtor, MLM, and business owner (though there will be some cross over)… it will be created from scratch for YOU, so that your posts are seen by the right people at the right time, in the right niche, from the right area. And that means more valuable engagement and a higher ROI on each post.

You can use these hashtags a number of times EACH (just not in a row), so it really is the entrepreneur gift that keeps on giving.

Let’s do the math.

Remember how we said no repeating hashtags within 10-15 posts?

15 hashtags per post =
5 generic hashtags (you) + 5 city hashtags (us) + 5 niche hashtags (us)

150 hashtags =
10 unique/researched hashtags X 15 posts



What you get

150 hashtags for $99

  • 150 hashtags in a word document (easy to copy/paste into your content calendar or note app)
  • BONUS: 3 industry influencer accounts to follow/monitor for ideas



We will even update your list with 25 new trending hashtags every 4 months $25!

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