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Digital Marketing Strategies and Work/Life Balance

Jumping Elephant is a fully integrated digital marketing company in Calgary specializing in Digital Marketing Strategies, Small Business empowerment, and website design.

The Jumping Elephant specialists are experts in reducing overwhelm, laying a foundation for growth and success, and increasing our client’s return on mareting spend.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you fall into one of three categories:

1) You have no idea where to start when it comes to marketing.

i. “Which platforms should I be on?”
ii. “What sort of things should I post?”
iii. “How do I reach out to people?”
iv. “Is social media even appropriate for my business?”

2) You’re looking for better ways to promote your business. You’ve been working at it and aren’t getting the results you hoped for.

i. Am I posting the wrong content?
ii. Am I talking to the wrong target?
iii. How do I reach more people?

3) Business is great but you lack the time to manage your social media platforms yourself.

i. Can someone else manage this for me and still sound like me?
ii. Is it possible to get leads without having to be on social media constantly?
iii. Do all business owners have this much on their plate?

You’re not alone.

Before starting Jumping Elephant Sarah worked with a number of large clients in advertising agencies across Canada – spanning from Vancouver to Toronto. However, she felt drawn to helping the small business owner and found that social media was the best platform to level the field and compete head-to-head with ‘the big guys’.

The Jumping Elephant team now works with entrepreneurs to create strategies that enable them to talk to their ideal clients and gain leads.

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