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Social Media Management and Work/Life Balance

Jumping Elephant is a fully integrated digital marketing company in Calgary specializing in Digital Marketing Strategies, Social Media Management, and Content Writing (aka; Copywriting).

The Jumping Elephant specialists are experts in the areas of social media marketing, marketing management, creative advertising, digital marketing strategies, content creation, and web design. Together, we strive to offer our clients a variety of marketing, advertising, and promotional services for their digital medias and marketing strategies.



I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you fall into one of three categories:

1) You have no idea where to start when it comes to social media marketing.

i. “Which platforms should I be on?”
ii. “What sort of things should I post?”
iii. “How do I reach out to people?”
iv. “Is social media even appropriate for my business?”

2) You’re looking for better ways to promote your business. You’ve been working at it and aren’t getting the results you hoped for.

i. Am I posting the wrong content?
ii. Am I talking to the wrong target?
iii. How do I reach more people?

3) Business is great but you lack the time to manage your social media platforms yourself.

i. Can someone else manage this for me and still sound like me?
ii. Is it possible to get leads without having to be on social media constantly?
iii. Do all business owners have this much on their plate?


You’re not alone.

You find that some answers are conflicting, and once you do finally have a grasp on “social media”, you don’t know where to put the time in for best results.


Before starting Jumping Elephant Sarah worked with a number of large clients in advertising agencies across Canada – spanning from Vancouver to Toronto. However, she felt drawn to helping the small business owner and found that social media was the best platform to level the field and compete head-to-head with ‘the big guys’.

The Jumping Elephant team now works with entrepreneurs to create social media strategies that enable them to talk to their ideal clients and gain leads. In many cases, we are hired as digital marketing strategists to set them up for marketing success. We are also a team of content writers, social media managers, and bloggers who create messages that are engaging and remain true to our client’s brand, allowing them to focus on what they do best – running their business.

If you’re looking to create brand awareness and gain more leads:
+ let’s grab a coffee (YYC local)
+ or hop on Skype (pajama pants optional)


Looking for something simple?

We offer that too.

We have a very small but skilled team to ensure that your platforms are exactly as you’d like them and without the complication (or cost) of a larger agency 🙂


Extra Credentials:




Take a look at our culture!


Marketing Credentials: Sarah Kirkpatrick


Let me introduce myself. I am Sarah Kirkpatrick: Social media manager, copywriter, public speaker, and owner of Jumping Elephant – groundbreaking advertising.

Many of my clients hire us because of not only my agency background, but because I have 6 years of education, including a degree in advertising. It sets me apart from hundreds of overnight ‘social media managers’.

  • Marketing Management Certificate (Mount Royal University)
  • General Studies Certificate (Mount Royal University) – Because as an advertiser you have to be a jack of all trades
  • Creative Advertising Degree majoring in Copywriting (Humber College)
  • Certification in Mobile Marketing, Social Media, and Digital Marketing (Humber College)
  • Youth Leadership diploma (Haven Institute) – Because why not

Not only am I an academic I am a world traveler (an entirely other kind of education). Aside from my various living arrangements throughout the country, I have traveled around Europe, South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the United States.


…and with this, I label myself a creative writer, deep thinker, and motivated entrepreneur.






Meet a few of our talented specialists — those who make the magic happen: