Adventure Sport Therapy Website

Leanne, the owner of Adventure Sport Therapy, had an extremely rough go with her previous website, both in terms of her experience with the service and the lack of traffic that her website was bringing in. She was referred to us by her wellness industry colleague and another client of ours, Teale, the owner of Revive Wellness.

Leanne specializes in sports therapy for adventure seekers and professional athletes. Her clientele ranges from strongmen to marathon runners and active hobbyists wanting to stay fit to keep doing what they love. She herself is an avid rock climber! We wanted her website to speak to those active souls and be clear and concise about the massage services she offers that will keep them in the game.


Your first impression when coming to Leanne’s site is a large hero video of her climbing to the summit of a rockface – attention-grabbing and extremely impressive. This serves two purposes.

  1. This video introduces Leanne promptly and with impact.
  2. This video builds trust for her as someone who knows how to take care of an active body
  3. This video captures attention, increasing the amount of time spent on the site and reducing bounce.

Once the user scrolls down below the fold they are greeted with a beautiful sunset yoga photo and a little bit about the Adventure Sport team with the option to navigate to the ‘about’ page for more.

Below that are quick-click service introductions giving an overview of what Adventure Sport offers, paired along with real-life photography of Leanne working on clients.

Following that are testimonials with photos from some of her clients.

This home page sequence tells a story and answers potential clients’ questions before they have to ask them.

Finally, we have her Instagram grid feeding to the site, which keeps the home page fresh for google each time she posts.


The initial reason Leanne reached out is that her team was growing and she had no access to her website to be able to expand it for new massage therapists. What used to be a standard bio on her old site we transformed into an actual introduction to the company as a whole and the people that bring it to life. Leanne and Jessica both got their own feature sections which we custom-designed to suit their branding and ‘pop’.


The Adventure Sport Therapy team offers a number of treatments to help their clients live their best adventure pain-free. We designed a general landing page to introduce each of the services in one place, and followed that up with individual service pages detailing how they can help, what options there are for booking, and linking to their Jane App online appointment booking service.

Gallery & Testimonials

Leanne has some amazing testimonials from high-performance athletes and we wanted to feature those. She also had a professional photoshoot done for both herself and Jessica that deserved a place of their own. We created a joint Gallery & Testimonials page, which serves to convert people who may need a little more convincing before booking. This page really is a strong sales page for the website and is something they can easily update moving forward to stay fresh.


Adventure Sport Therapy uses a third-party booking program for their clients to book appointments through, but it is still important to have a local contact page for those with more questions and who are looking for more information on location. Below our standard contact form and google maps integration we designed a strong green bar with key information that can be easily captured. These are also action items that allow people to call, get directions, and follow on social media.


These are just a few of the screengrabs we took of the original site. White the big images are not terrible, the site was not converting and there was little to no branding throughout. Not only that but all of the text was capitalized and there was very little content on the home page. This tells Google that there is no hierarchy of information, that the site is not user-friendly, and that it may even be a spam site.

Leanne loves her new website and so does Google!