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Angela A Martini is what you would call an inspirational network marketer. MLM’s have a bad rep when it comes to sales, but Angela has created an entire brand that focuses more on empowering women than selling products, and that is why she is so successful.


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Keys to success

We created a website with the intention of building a community and branding ‘Angela A Martini’ – the company. It features a number of different facets to her business including her team, blogs, recipes, info on joining, the perks being an independant female entrepreneur, and being a part of her community.

We organized them under her three pillars – Create, Energize, Empower. These corresponded with her team (Team Create), the healthy product (Isagenix), and her community for women. We carried this theme throughout.angela martini

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Lastly we built credibility through testimonials, awards, and milestones that Angela A Martini had accomplished as an Isagenix distributor –¬†accomplishing the 6 figure income earner status from the business. This also served as a recruitment opportunity.

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