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Best Times to Post On Facebook

There is literally a world full of content that can be shared on Facebook. And it’s so easy to share it, with just a click of the “share” button. But what about making your existing content relevant, trendy, and shareable?




It’s easy to see why a campaign like “The Ice Bucket Challenge” did so well. For one, it was for a good cause; secondly, it asked people to participate in something that was legitimately challenging. Not sure if you’ve ever poured an ice bucket on yourself, but it’s pretty darn cold.


Want to know how the Ice Bucket Challenge did overall?

“The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Facebook estimates 28 million people posted about ALS between June 1 and August 28, including comments and tags. 2.4 million videos also were created on YouTube, spreading the word like wildfire.”


“As of Wednesday, August 20, The ALS Association has received $31.5 million in donations compared to $1.9 million during the same time period (July 29 to August 20) last year.”


You might be wondering what this means for your business?
Facebook is a great account to use for business for a few reasons: (1) if your business doesn’t have a Facebook page, with hours and a phone number, you don’t really exist to the younger generation. Many will look for a Facebook business page to find information, just as much as they look for a business website. (2) Having a page you can use to interact with customers is a great tool too.
If you have any questions about how to (or even whether to) use Facebook to engage with your target market, just give me a shout and I would be happy to arrange a consultation.


Other pieces of advice to get more interaction on Facebook? Share quotes from blogs, link to blogs; share images or videos; utilize Facebook’s features, like its Timeline, and do polls to get your target’s real opinion on a topic that everyone can relate to. They might not be your target, but starting a conversation is never a waste of time.


Have you ever pondered what the easiest way to get basic interaction on Facebook? Just ask for it, especially when you share cute, funny or super genuine original content. Many companies see success with asking for “likes” and they increase their reach in having contests with a “share” component.


Types of successful posts



Facebook Specific

One of the great things about Facebook is its ability to allow you to schedule posts in advanced directly through the application rather than using something like Buffer or HootSuite (which shows up on your posts).


When To Schedule?

Now that you know what type of information to share, and in what form, you might be stumped as to when you should share it.


Obviously, this is dependent on your type of business, or service, and whether you are targeting a B2B or a B2C audience. Your answer can be generic, like 1-4pm later in the week (post Wednesday) and on weekends. (See Image Below)


Or it could be more targeted, depending on your social media objectives.

Example: to increase shares and clickthroughs, post at 1pm, 3pm or 9am.




Popular CRM tool, Hubspot, goes into a little bit of additional detail.



Overall, your engagement rates are higher on Thursdays and Fridays, likely because most people try to get the majority of their work done early in the week with the possibility of having a more relaxed Friday, or getting to leave early. How high? Approximate 18% to be exact. It’s also suggested that since people are happier on Fridays, #TGIF, that funny or upbeat content will resonate best to match your audiences’ mood.


Niche Markets

An interesting study done in 2013 by PRDaily, attempted to shed some light on whether or not these “generic posting rules” for Facebook will apply to your particular business industry.


For example, in my industry, which we’ll call “Advertising and Consulting”, it’s best to post on weekends rather than weekdays. Posts on Saturdays and Sundays receive 69% higher interactions; yet only 11% of posts generally get published on the weekends.


For Entertainment, it’s spread out throughout the week a bit, but it is still skewed to the weekend. Interaction is 20% higher on the weekend than weekdays, and Saturdays receive 17% high interaction than average. Entertainment will always be popular because people are looking for a quick read or an escape to their workweeks, even early on in the week.


For Technology companies, it’s the opposite. Tech industries tend to see lower interaction rates on weekends, compared to many other industries. Mondays are your sweet spot to post your Tech communications, with rates being 30% higher than average.


To see the full list of 15 Industries, check it out on the PR Daily Website


Analyze Your Current Engagement

Facebook has a neat tool called Insights where you can delve into the current stats about how your page is performing. It will break it down by day, post engagement, even by hour, and it will show you what content performed the best online. I encourage you to explore this tool on your own if you currently have a business page to have a better understanding of what you are currently doing right or wrong.








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