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Best Times To Post On Instagram

The use of Instagram for business is constantly becoming a popular platform. As people start to understand that most industries can have success on the platform there are more and more opportunities to gain awareness, interactions, and clients. But what are the best times to post on Instagram?

The answer is simple: All the time!

No really, Instagram is one of those platforms that has people active on it all the time. Depending on your audience, there may be different peaks, but for the most part people look at pictures throughout the day. That said, the most interactions happen during off-work hours.



According to Huffington post, the peak hours, on average, are 5pm, 10pm, and 2am.

It makes sense. People get off work and want to catch up: Many are taking transit and want something to look at on their ride home. At 10pm people are in bed and taking one last look at the world before they nod off. 2am is for the late-crew who may be getting off shift work or just work later into the night.

These times are not always true, though. For example: Monday at 5pm has surprisingly low engagement and 7pm seems to be the peak for that day. Friday is also a bit later with 8pm being great for interactions (maybe while people are waiting to head out for the evening?)

*Lowest interaction on average is between 3-4pm. Could it be because people are actually being productive at work during these times? Catching up before the end of the day? Not sure. But try to avoid posting during this hour.


Time Zones

Wait a minute… But 5:00 whose time? Well… it depends on who your target is and also what your goals are. If you want to reach the most people possible aim to post at key times in EST (eastern standard time). The majority of people live in the eastern states/provinces. Think about it, New York and Toronto have huge populations. And what about California and Vancouver? Well.. if you post at 5pm MST (mountain standard time) you are also almost hitting the second peak hour of 9pm EST. Win win!


Monday & Thursday.

Best Days To Post On Instagram

Monday and Thursday are the best days to post on Instagram for prime interaction. Why? Who knows. Maybe people are getting rid of the Monday blues and looking up pictures that make them happy? And then on Thursday they are just trying everything they can to pass the time until it is finally Friday?

Let’s go with that.


But that does not mean you should only post on instagram on these two days…

You should be posting on instagram 3x a day every single day.
(sounds time consuming? It is. Let me do it for you. Contact me for a quote)

There are other great days and times that are not considered ‘the best times to post on instagram’ and are still extremely effective… like… every other day. It would be wrong of me to post this article without a link back to the Huffington Post with their great interactive graph that shows you ever single day and every single hour – as sourced from latergramme – to play with.

So what days are not as great to post on?


Engagement is down. It’s still important to post your 3x, but be extra cautious of the time you post so you get the best ROI (5:00pm surprisingly… and strangely 6:00am isn’t bad either – that one is what makes you really wish instagram would let you auto-schedule-to-post rather than just notify you to remember to post… zzzzz).



The Best of the Best

And if you want one perfectly crafted post to go out at a perfectly planned time so that engagement is well… nearly perfect?

Wednesday at 7pm



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Get what you came for?


Good! Now go research your specific industry, do your own testing, and see what will really work for YOU so all of this reading wasn’t all for none 🙂

Don’t have time? I can do it 🙂 Just send me a message.

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