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What is the biggest threat to content marketing today?

What is the biggest threat to content marketing today?

It can sometimes be a challenging and daunting task when you want to break out of this clutter of social media and set yourself apart. There is no denying that the world of social media is crowded with millions and millions of social media profiles and hundreds and thousands of bloggers using content marketing out there.

So, let’s just accept that no matter how creative you are, it is always a challenge to continually keep creating content which is original and new.


What are content marketers doing?

Marketers and social media strategists today have this massive challenge and are constantly under pressure when it comes to creating and generating authentic customized content specifically for your brand. Hence, you will find there are numerous pop-up shop social media firms offering content creation services. But are they just thriving on content regurgitation?


What is content regurgitation?

Content Regurgitation, as we call it, is when social media marketers use someone else’s content for their own content marketing. They do a quick Google search, find the exact blog they are writing, and change a few words. There is nothing unique or new about this content – so how could it be relevant for your unique brand?

People often think that they can succeed by plagiarizing or mimicking someone else’s content, but that does not bode well in the world of social media. Instead of having to set your brand up for success, you end up causing irreparable damage. You’ve simply added to the clutter of mediocre content, and if the marketer did not change enough of the blog, your website can be penalized for plagiarism and duplicate content by Google.

Engaging in these kinds of methods is not going to stand the test of time. Everything you do online is going to leave a digital footprint. So, if your content is simply re-written blogs by other companies, you may need to re-evaluate your strategy (and maybe your content writer).


Create your own unique content: Quality VS Quantity

When using content marketing as part of your marketing strategy, it is essential to have content that is authentic, unique, engaging, and customized to your brand. You have to keep in mind that it is relevant to your audience and offers value. Good content will satisfy googled need for content on your page; great content will satisfy your reader’s thirst for quality information (and also Google’s), and is the lifeline of content marketing.

The focus should be on quality rather than quantity. According to Forbes, it is natural to think that more is better. However, the time of cheap content from automated sites just to get as much content out there as possible is over. People are more interested in reading content that is customized for them, and SEO is following suit.

It is great stroke to the ego to see traffic and ‘likes’, but how many of those are one-time visitors and how many are actually going to take action (buy a product). The goal is to continuously keep people’s attention by posting quality content and create loyal viewers so when they are ready to buy, they trust you.



There is nothing wrong with getting inspired

No one is saying that it is a bad idea to get inspired by some established bloggers or try to take inspirations from well-written similar blog posts. You can always pick up clues and ideas from thought leaders to see what content is doing well and how you can use it for your benefit by giving it your unique spin. The difference is in the details.

It is important to have an objective before you create any content. Map out what you want your blog to look like and what points you need to hit. Do a keyword search (Google trends is a great start) and put together some key phrases you’ve thought of that meet your goals for the blog. THEN, check in on the best bloggers you’re following and grab a few ideas. The tone of their conversation should not impact your blog as it is likely not the same tone as your brand. But the type of content they are sharing and how are people reacting to that? That is key.

Nobody is expecting you to come up with all content from scratch each and every time. For example, if you are writing a blog about the best skincare – you don’t need to go buy and test every product on the shelf. You can look up a handful (or more) blogs and get their take and pull information from the ones that resonate with you. But REWRITE it to a point where it is unrecognizable. Scribble notes while you read and then close the blog (after pulling the URL for a 100% necessary source/reference/credit) and then close it. This will ensure you are writing in your own tone (or your client’s) and not being heavily influenced by what you are reading.



Understanding content creation and custom content

Digital content marketing and custom content are the keys to successful marketing strategies. Marketers have realized the value of authentic content and are spending more time creating great and never-before-written content. Custom content is always a part of the content marketing strategy, as advised by Neil Patel, one of the leading digital marketers in the world. You create content to attract new readers and have new followers for your brand, however, you also customize content to retain the existing followers who find value in it.


6 Tips to producing high quality and engaging content:

  • Prewrite and Investigate: Do some research to see what your audience likes, needs, wants to hear or talk about. Try making a spreadsheet or bookmark a good idea that you come across while doing your research. Ben Holland, an interactive marketer, explains how you can research for blog posts.
    Build a strategy before you start drafting the content for your audience. As content marketers and social media experts, it is our duty to do our due diligence when we are trying to arrive at content that can be truly engaging and valuable to our readers.


  • Pick your story: Once you have the research, list 4-5 top trending topics and start thinking how you can weave those topics with your brand. Niche down your readers and focus on topics that the readers are really looking for – then look up relevant keywords for those topics.
    List keywords that are trending the most around the topic you have chosen. It is essential to use these keywords throughout your article. You can increase the chances of higher SEO by using at least one of the keywords in your headline and introduction of your article.


  • Headline: This is a very important element of your blog. This is the one that triggers the viewers or readers to dig deep and spend time reading what you have created, and increases your click-through rate.
    Remember to add a keyword into your headline. This is one of the primary and more easily implementable SEO blogging tactics.Tip: Conversion XL explains how headlines with numbers are clear winners when it comes to click-through rates. There are several tools and resources for writing click-worthy and shareable headlines. 

  • Writing: Focus on writing content that is actionable and is able to provide answers. Create engaging and thought provoking content and write it in a way that is easy to read for a variety of reading levels.Tip: Here is a list of some free tools from that can help you sharpen your writing skills and help boost your blog post.


  • Proof read & groom: You might think you’ve proofread as you wrote, however stepping away and coming back to re-read each blog is an essential part of your content strategy. Content is usually written and compiled under a pressured environment. Tight deadlines increase the scope of errors and lose the flow of your story. You don’t want mistakes. However small or big they will undermine your brands integrity and reputation.Tip: You are not alone. Proofreading can be streamlined with the use of some tools.


  • Get it out: Finally it’s time to test. It’s time to see if your content will achieve the desired results of getting clicks with minimal bounce rate and an extended perior of time on each page – what you have worked so hard for.Tip: Need some steps? Here is what you can do after you click that publish button to get the traffic and spread the word.


There is a high demand for creating fresh content day in and day out, and it’s equally important to identify the right tools and platforms to best support that content.

Chose the right platform for your audience and provide content that will help you humanize your brand and connect with your ideal customer.

New and fresh content also plays an essential role when it comes to SEO and getting your website to rank up in Google. After all, that is one spot where all brands want to be found. Frequently updated websites offer search engines a place to find the fresh content and sources of new information demanded for their search requests.


Let us all as digital experts use our content marketing skills and knowledge to lead our brands and clients down a path of creating a successful digital marketing story for the future – without regurgitating someone else’s story.



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