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Blog SEO & Expertise: How to Blog for Business

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Blog SEO & Expertise: How to Blog for Business

So, you want to make your business blogs better… (try saying THAT ten times fast!). Well with SEO tips from the experts, making an amazing blog for your business is possible!

One of the first pieces of advice I always share with clients is to GET A BLOG!! You would be amazed how many businesses do not have a blog on their website, and you would be further amazed to see what marketing magic can happen once a blog is in place! So, in the many steps required to properly market your company, step one is to create a blog for business! Not only will having blogs on your site help your SEO (see below for more details!), it will also help your overall company appearance and success (also see below for tips!)! Ready to take the first big step? Here is how to blog for business using SEO and other expertise, and why it should be the first thing you do!


SEO Blogging for Business

Blog for SEO - Blog for BusinessOne of the primary reasons for having a blog is to boost your ‘Search Engine Optimization (SEO).’ For those of you not familiar with this term, SEO is essentially a way to make sure your website and web pages are user-friendly and ‘optimized’ for Google. The benefit of doing this is that Google will give you ‘brownie points’ for a user-friendly website, and as a result, will rank you higher on the wonderous organic Google search list.

Why do you want to be placed higher on the Google search list? Let’s just say that according to, in 2017 more than 79% of global desktop searches were done on Google. And think about when the last time you went to a listing beyond the 3rd page… When people look for the services and products you provide, let’s make sure they find you!

Higher Google ranking = Better business!

But first, in order for users to find you, your website needs to contain specific SEO-friendly keywords, content, trends, quality headlines and other components to succeed. When your website has each of these many elements, it will ensure you have a better chance of being found on those Google searches. And what better way to get all of these SEO tricks accomplished than with a BLOG!!

By discussing new topics with readers, taking customers behind the scenes, and using other unique and engaging content in your blogs, you offer readers a chance to learn and build trust with your company while also improving your standings in the Google world. The more relevant blogs you post for your business, the more people will gravitate to your website, and the better SEO you will achieve! It’s simple math! (I think…)

PRO TIP: Want to know more about SEO, how it works, and the best tools and tricks that top marketers use? Check out our SEO boosting blog!


Website Content in the form of a Business Blog

The reason you want to start a blog before anything else is because you are already making your website! #Convenience!

When you start creating content for your blog, it will take a while for your site to launch and become recognized (those tiny Google bots are busy bees!). All-mighty Google will require a bit of time to ‘crawl’ each of your web pages and when it gets to you, the more content the better. Simply having a blog is the best way to get headed in the right direction from the get-go! Put up that quality content via beautiful business blogs and watch your ranking soar!


Blog for Business Social ContentSocial Content from Business Blogs!

Once you have your business blog up and running, did you know that you also just created FREE social media content? *Gasp!

When you take the time to record your thoughts or share some insider information, you have just created CONTENT!

Share your blog on each of your social media platforms as free (and pre-made) content! Alternatively, you can use your blogs as a starting point and repurpose that content into individual social media posts. Who knew that one blog could equal so many easy posts, as well as hundreds of opportunities to engage further with your audience!


Types of Blogs for Business

Now that you are actually considering what to write for your blog, are you at a loss of what to put on paper (aka screen)? No problem!

There is an abundance of things to write about, and you, the professional, will know exactly what blog topics would be significant in your industry. Of course, you can discuss other relevant topics close: feature partner companies, events you attended, etc. but you want to stick to what YOU are good at… your business!

Here are a few general blog type ideas to get you started:

  • Comparison Blogs
  • ‘Best of’ or ‘Top 10’ Blogs
  • Service/Product Feature Blogs
  • News Blogs
  • Behind the Scenes Blogs
  • Informative as the Expert Blogs
  • Ultimate Guide Blogs
  • ‘How to’ Blogs

Use these examples to get you started with your new blog and begin to build up a base for useful, creative, and engaging content on your site!


PRO TIP: If you are having a difficult time thinking up topics among these categories, you can always use to find topics and questions related to a specific keyword.


How to Make Your Business Blogs Better

Types of Blogs - Blogs for BusinessYou know blogs are good for SEO. You know how to create some interesting topics. You know to share your blogs on social media as content. Now it is time to tidy up and make them the best business blogs ever. (Try saying THAT 10 times fast!) Here are some tips on how you can blog for business like an expert:

  • Use professional language
  • Use proper grammar (Readable and Grammarly are free editing sites!)
  • Select a specific and relevant keyword for each blog
  • Ensure your keyword is in your title
  • Stay on tone
  • Link to reputable blogs
  • Link to other internal blogs you have written
  • Add relevant images into your blog content
  • Make a captivating feature image that reflects positively

Whether you are creating a blog for business or a blog as a side project, it is important to leave a lasting impression at the end of every blog. End on a great note and only ask the reader to DO something 20% of the time – aka: ‘Call to Action’! These Call to Actions include asking your reader to read another of your blogs, check out your online store, sign up for your newsletter, purchase a product, etc. It is at the end of the blog that you can drive your underlying theme/topic/message home!


PRO TIP: Don’t make all of your blogs a sale. This will only turn readers away and they will be unlikely to read the entire blog – therefore increasing your bounce rate. Switch it up and offer your readers something different. Use the 80/20 for the best blogging approach!




Now that you know how to blog for business with amazing SEO, unique blog topics, and how to transform your blogs into content… it’s time to get crackin’! Put your knowledge and skills to the keyboard and share what you and your business have to offer the world. Create your blog as your first step and you will be setting your business up for success!





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