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calgary first aid training onsite and online

We wanted a separate website for First Edition’s local first aid training in Calgary, but one that still linked seamlessly to the main AED and accessories website. This first aid training website was heavily focused on local training in Calgary, Alberta – whereas the main site was Canada-wide.

By separating these sites we were able to target the vastly different audiences and strengthen the keyword targeting.


Home Page

The first aid site had it’s own home page that featured training specific products and was targeted specifically to Calgary groups and companies looking for training.

calgary first aid training calgary first aid training onsite and online


First Aid Training Services

There can be confusion around which first aid programs are needed. Between Standard First Aid, Emergency First Aid, and Health Care Practitioner First Aid training, a company coming to the page would not know where to start. We created pages for each of the courses offered with in-depth information and the ability to register directly from each page, as well as the registration pages available through the navigation. This makes it easy for people to register when they find what they are looking for.

first aid courses calgary different kinds of first aid courses emergency first aid pricing first aid course pricing


Other Safety Courses

First Edition is an extremely robust company offering a variety of different safety courses. They have an entire other database full of safety courses for people and companies to take, as well as a program specifically for school children first aid training. We created separate pages for these.

online health and safety courses youth school first aid training

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