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Canine 15 Natural Joint Supplements: Facebook & Instagram – Content Creation

Canine 15 Natural Joint Supplements: Facebook & Instagram

Better Tandem, a digital management company in Calgary, hired us for copywriting and content creation for their client ‘Canine 15 Natural’ – a non-prescription, all-natural dog supplement that improves joint and muscle health. Better handled the client management and strategy, and Jumping Elephant handled the content creation and blogging: handing it off to Better once created.


We started by creating Instagram and Facebook calendars to get their pages up and running, as they had no social media presence before. We focused on featuring instagrammers and their dogs who lived active lifestyles. We tagged users and shared high-quality images of their large pet’s out and about living without signs of joint pain. We also created custom memes with tips for decreasing joint pain.

Canine 15 Natural – Instagram

(note, hashtags were added to the comments to create a clean look)

Canine 15 instagram


Canine 15 Natural – Facebook


Canine 15 Natural – Facebook Contests

In order to keep the Facebook page growing and the audience engaged beyond blogs, we were asked to come up with contests that would encourage engagement and activity on the page. We designed monthly contests that needed comments or images (and the occasional tag) to enter. These contests were also given a boosting budget (through Better) and became extremely successful, with over 100 entries on some.

canine command contest canine picture contest canine friend contest



Not going to lie… this is a pretty awesome client! Who doesn’t love spending their days looking at adorable dog photos and researching valuable information to share with fellow dog owners?


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