Marketing Coaching

Looking to make a bigger splash with your limited marketing resources?

Marketing can feel like you’re throwing cash to the wind and hoping someone asks where it came from. Too many business owners engage in ‘random acts of marketing‘ just hoping something works, but without actually knowing how it possibly could!

To empower my client’s to avoid these marketing pitfalls I offer one-on-one a la carteĀ Coaching and support for Business Owners who need an outside perspective to make elephant-sized changes.

Marketing is changing all the time and what works for some won’t work for you, and what used to work for you doesn’t work anymore. Even if you have your ear to the ground for new trends, and a fire in your heart to keep trying new things, it is the little nuances of all the different tactics that can easily build up and break the whole system. Lead generation? Social media? SEO and blogging? What about email marketing? Is any of it worth it for your company? Where should you focus your efforts? Once it is set up, who is going to maintain it? And how the heck does it all work together for an overarching marketing strategy anyway?!

What is all this trial and error costing you?

Some of the topics we have covered with clients on calls:

  • Strategy brainstorming to reduce wastage
  • Marketing contractor management advice to increase your return on marketing spend (ROMS)
  • Recommended marketing funnel pieces and program walkthroughs for a great customer experience
  • SEO initiatives and how to execute them to increase organic cold leads
  • Social media improvements and management recommendations for client retention and loyalty
  • Website review and walkthrough updates for SEO and user experience
  • How to make a content calendar that saves you time and money
  • Rules/Legal for sharing content to keep you out of the jailhouse
  • How to set up and read analytics that will help you make better decisions and improve your ROMS
marketing coaching with sarah kirkpatrick
Sarah Kirkpatrick - Matriarch and Fractional CMO - Jumping Elephant

$200 Marketing Coaching Call

In 1 hour our goal will be to answer your top 3 most pressing marketing questions. Whether they be strategic, technical, or operational – I want you to walk away with a few key implementable notes that will push through those barriers you’ve been struggling with in executing your marketing plans.

These are 1-on-1 calls so that we can stay focused, stay on topic, and make instant changes for your business.

What to expect:

  • Pre-call Questionnaire
  • 1 hour Client-led value-packed Google Meets call

These calls are client-led, meaning you choose the topics and let me know how to best support you. Prior to our call you will receive a questionnaire that will give you a chance to get your thoughts on paper and really narrow down what is most important for you on this call. With this information I will come to the call prepared with some initial thoughts and a structure that I feel would best get us to your solution, whether that be rapid-fire Q&A, screenshare walkthroughs, or open discussion and brainstorming.

I met Sarah at a local business event and was in awe of her way she navigated seamlessly through the social media platforms so effortlessly and with a step by step for those (myself included) leery of the 'trappings' of social media. It was in a confident and straightforward manner, she took us through that won me over... Jumping Elephant is now helping me take my businesses from 'Ground Zero" to "Infinity and Beyond" using Social media.
The company is creative, knowledgeable and very easy to deal with for us social media virgins! Thanks so very much and look forward to more coaching!
Tracy Cornett
SEE Canada
Sarah is the real deal and knows her stuff! I felt so lucky to have an hour of her time in which she patiently and clearly answered any questions I had, made excellent suggestions for my business and helped me learn more about the social media world. She is calm, organized and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. If you are struggling in the social media world, do yourself a favor and talk with Sarah.
Carolyn Jerrard
Beacon Original Art
I was so fortunate to experience a one hour coaching with Sarah last week. Not only is she friendly and fun, she's a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight! I learned so much in just one short hour. I would highly recommend her business savvy to anybody looking to increase their social media presence and reach. Thanks again Sarah! I'm looking forward to implementing your suggestions to my business!
Sarah Polson
Arbonne Consultant

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