Social Media Coaching


Minimum 2 hours

Social Media Management Coaching

Social media coaching calgary


  • $125/hr for an in-person coaching session at your location or a location of your choice (travel fees apply outside of Calgary)
  • $100/hr for zoom video coaching session.


(Lessons customizable according to business needs)

  • Recommendations for improving your social platforms
  • How to make a meme that gets noticed
  • How to make a social media calendar that saves you time and money
  • Rules/Legal for sharing content to keep you out of the jailhouse
  • 80/20 & 10/4/1 rules – what they mean and why you need to follow them
  • How to write a blog that is SEO friendly and brings in traffic
  • How to make a blog feature image that people will click on
  • How to write headlines that get attention
  • The best places┬áto find stock images & how to use them
  • How to set up and read analytics that will help you make better decisions
  • How to use each social media platform – a walkthrough guide



I met Sarah at a local business event and was in awe of her way she navigated seamlessly through the social media platforms so effortlessly and with a step by step for those ( myself included) leary of the ‘trappings’ of social media. It was in a confident and straightforward manner, she took us through that won me over….Jumping Elephant is now helping me take my businesses from ‘Ground Zero” to “Infinity and Beyond” using Social media. The company is creative, knowledgeable and very easy to deal with for us social media virgins! Thanks so very much and look forward to more coaching!

-Tracy Cornett


Sarah is the real deal and knows her stuff! I felt so lucky to have an hour of her time in which she patiently and clearly answered any questions I had, made excellent suggestions for my business and helped me learn more about the social media world. She is calm, organized and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. If you are struggling in the social media world, do yourself a favor and talk with Sarah.

-Carolyn Jerrard


I was so fortunate to experience a one hour coaching with Sarah last week. Not only is she friendly and fun, she’s a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight! I learned so much in just one short hour. I would highly recommend her business savvy to anybody looking to increase their social media presence and reach.
Thanks again Sarah! I’m looking forward to implementing your suggestions to my business!

-Sarah Polson