Content Marketing

Content marketing is so many things to so many people. It has become one of the greatest tools for organic content, building trust, earning loyalty, and staying connected with your audience without always having to be physically available.

But do you have time for content marketing? When it comes time to write a blog, does it get pushed back in the to-do list for more immediate needs? When you do finally sit down to write a blog, do you have a blank? What about that monthly newsletter that goes out quarterly because you are uninspired and your past few newsletter have proven that (maybe even with a few 'unsubscribe' notifications).

Are you struggling to get pen to paper (or fingers to keys) to create content that will surely boost your business?

Content creation is the solution to marketing budget restrictions. It is the 'free' way to get your name out there, and it carries a lot of weight with your brands reputation. Writing blogs that are written and published with SEO in mind give reach to your website that was never there before. Newsletters remind people you exist and, if you don't bore them, can lead to a surge in traffic and phone calls.

But what the heck is content marketing anyway?

Content marketing is the marketing pieces that you create to distribute (either organically or through active marketing) to your audience as part of a sales strategy. It is used not for immediate 'sales' content, but to enhance your brand and bring in traffic and interested eyes.

The most important content marketing pieces for your digital marketing strategy are:

- Blogs/Articles

- Newsletters

- Marketing Materials

Articles, Blogs, Mini Blogs, OH MY!

Blogging is your opportunity to talk about your company and your industry and educate and entertain readers. The most successful blogs are highly informative and link to sales and services throughout  (only when relevant) without being overly salesly. Different sizes serve different purposes and can be combined into a monthly content marketing strategy to be hugely successful for your web traffic and social sharing.

  • Articles: 1000+ words
  • Blogs: 600-800 words
  • Mini Blogs: 300=500 words

Newsworthy Newsletters

Newsletters are key in making sales and informing people of new products and promotions you have going on. Your email list is your more active target audience and are generally where most sales are made. That said, nobody is going to stay on your list if all you do is sell to them. Having monthly blogs that are informative and educational and entertaining will ensure that people continue to read them, and then will see the features you are promoting for your own sales.

  • Branded template design
  • Header image swaps (for holidays)
  • Body content writing
  • Image creation and implementation
  • Sales/blog shares