Web Content Writing

A beautifully designed website is worth its weight in elephants. But if nobody makes it to the website, then the design means nothing.

Content writing – or as we call it in the industry, ‘copywriting’, (not to be mistaken with copyright) – takes the form of a conversation between a brand and the consumer. Whether the job requires technical writing, creative writing, storytelling, or (and) SEO friendly web content, the premise is the same: Copywriting is the act of using the written word to tell a story – the story of your brand

Business Website Content Writing

So much of a company’s success relies on the content on their website. With Google algorithms constantly changing, it is important to keep consistent in your tone and use specified keywords for each page (SEO). This will allow the users who are looking for your content to find it and, through their interaction with your page, ultimately move you closer to the top of their mind and the organic search page.


“Advertising should say, ‘Here’s what we’ve got. Here’s what it will do for you. Here’s how to get it.’”

– Leo Burnett


Website content writing is very different from blog writing and other forms of ‘storytelling’, though. Consumers looking at a sales page are interested in buying (or at least enough to be researching). They are already there. They have already found your site and are looking at what they want. You want to get to the point, you want to speak to them directly, and you want to tell them exactly what they can expect from you. Doing this in as few words as possible for them to understand, but enough words for google to crawl and rank the page is key.



Google Analytics do not lie. After 1 week of refreshed SEO driven content our clients’ sites have seen a 2000% increase in traffic and a 92% increase in search views.



  1. For new websites that we are also designing, Content writing can be added on for a flat $500 fee for 5-7 pages.
  2. Have an existing website that you love and just need new SEO rich content? SURE! We’d love to help. Web content a la carte is $100/page and includes 300-500 words.
  3. Lastly, if you have content you’ve already written but just need it spruced up, we charge a web content editing fee of $50/hr (generally 1 hour per page), which includes inserting keywords throughout.


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