Devesh Dwivedi: Website Design & Web Content

Devesh Dwivedi is a sought-after business coach in Calgary – he is also our business coach and helped us develop our Fractional CMO Service, which sold old within the first month, mid-pandemic.

He works predominantly with entrepreneurs in the 6-figure and 7-figure range, helping them to be more profitable and increase cash flow. He has been extremely fortunate to have referral clients keeping him busy and filling all of his time since starting his business, but still felt that a new fresh website was vital to his growth. While his books are full, he is on the fast track to becoming a public figure in the business coaching and entrepreneurial space across the country and needed somewhere for people to land that he could be proud of.

Devesh’s brand colours are bold – Red and navy blue – and they make a statement on their own. Because this is a personal brand, the focus really needs to be on him and highlighting his brand for awareness and connection. On the other hand, his fonts are unique. While the secondary font was easy to implement throughout the site, the script font was extremely difficult to add and maintain the professionalism we were going for. Script fonts are generally frowned upon on websites, but since this one plays such a key role in his branding we had to find a way to make it work – and we did. Whenever we introduced ‘Devesh’, we custom coded his script font to display for his name – which occurs 3 times throughout the site. Can you spot them?

Meet Devesh.


Devesh Dwivedi: Home

For the main hero image, we chose a strong photo of Devesh in his office and overlaid it with a very minimal, crisp, and powerful call to action.

The rest of the home page highlights each of his key services and programs, including his books and methodology. It is a sneak peek into his coaching and reputation, which can be delved into deeper through the individual pages.

The footer shows his approachability, and we loved hiding this great photo of him in there to be seen on every page of the website – he really is always smiling.

Devesh business coach calgary


Devesh’s course page serves as a summary of his program for entrepreneurs. It is important to note that there is a difference between a service page and a sales page (landing page). This page is a highlight real of what people need to know when they are considering business coaching. We recommend building a separate landing page that is a hard sell and lengthy sales page to promote things like courses and programs, which you can then share with warmer leads and through marketing initiatives. However, it is important to have a service page for the program in your navigation for people browsing. This page is almost a hybrid of the two and is substantially longer than a general service page, but not with quite so much information as a full sales page. It is successful because of the various ways we displayed the content via graphics, charts, photos, and timelines to keep the reader’s interest.


‘Business coach’ is such a popular search term, and it is also a hugely saturated market. Devesh’s reputation and referrals are his main marketing tool, but we still needed to give him a page to properly discuss what makes him different and highlight the methodology that he has used with so many other entrepreneurs.

Icons, colour blocking, and formatting are hugely important when displaying this type of information, otherwise, it can very easily become a huge block of text that is hard to digest. As amazing as the information is (which it is – we wrote it), web content is nothing without streamlined design.


Toot Toot! Business coaches who are also speakers need to highlight this. It is a huge showcasing of your expertise and strengthens your reputation to people visiting your page who may not know you. Logos of any community or organizations you spoke for make it ‘real’ for people.

And don’t be afraid to have some fun with your photography! We had to find a place for this ‘dream’ photo of Devesh and this was the perfect place – inspiring much?


If you’ve written anything, display it.

We created a page for Devesh to feature the books he has written for entrepreneurs and business owners. This page acts as a landing page to see his publications at a glance, and then each button links to the Amazon page where you can purchase the book for yourself. We wrote out the summaries for each book for SEO so that people searching for it will find his site specifically – bringing him the traffic before sending them over to the sale (still within 3 clicks).


When writing content for a contact page, so many people miss the opportunity to make it personal.

For Devesh, we summarized a few of the main reasons people may be reaching to him so that people feel comfortable reaching out for that particular topic. This is extremely important to do if you have one contact page, as opposed to specific lead forms for each service.

And if you’re a personal brand, sign your name!