Digital Marketing Strategy

Managing your social media platforms without a digital marketing strategy is like building Ikea furniture without a manual AND with a loved one. It is going to cost you a lot of time and money and could put valuable relationships in Jeopardy!

Let us save you the agony of trial and error and put together a marketing consultation plan that is guaranteed to keep your brand on track, recognizable, and professional = a bigger ROI. No more fumbling around hoping your paid ad finally pays off or scratching your head every day wondering what to post online. By having a strategy in place we do all the thinking for you.

Our Digital Marketing Strategies are completely customizable and catered to your business’s needs.

Some small businesses have some great creative ideas but don’t know where to put their energy. They are looking for a more technical guide on what platforms to use and how best to utilize them. Others have the technical side down pat but are struggling to think of creative and engaging campaigns for their company that will grab attention. Most are somewhere in the middle.

Why Our Clients Get Marketing Strategies:

  1. They want to manage their social media themselves but want to do it without wasting time or money
  2. They have staff that will be managing their social media and want them to be on the right track and consistent (especially with multiple contributors)
  3. They have spent too much time and money with no success and are getting back to the foundation to build up a better strategy

What’s Included in the full digital marketing strategy:

Our digital marketing strategy is a 3 part (two phase) project with 2 mandatory meetings.


Phase 1: Market Analysis

Social Media & Website Audit


  • Strategic focus/goals
  • Audit of current social platforms
  • Website overview and audit
  • Actionable Recommendations
  • Analytics

Competitive Analysis


  • In-depth social media market analysis within the client’s industry niche
  • Ascertain what is required for a successful social media campaign


Key Deliverables of Suggestion Document: 

  • A complete audit of your website.
    • Manually searching through the website to get an understanding of the potential client experience: Is it user-friendly? Is the information organized? Is all the information there? Is it overwhelming? Can it easily lead to a sale?
    • Using tools to audit the backend of the website: How much traffic do you get? Where do they come from? Who is linking to you? Does the page load fast enough? Is it SEO friendly?
  • What competitors are doing (Minimum 6 comparisons)?
    • Manually searching competitor websites to understand the playing field.
    • Manually auditing competitor social media pages: What are they doing right? What can we learn from them? Where can we do better than them? What do potential clients compare you to?
  • What is being done successfully/unsuccessfully in your niche?
    • Summary of our findings to move forward into phase 2 with. Where can we make our biggest impact?
  • What is being done successfully NOT in your niche (but could be applied to your niche)?
    • What is successful for business marketing as a whole. What can we draw from to enhance your marketing efforts and successfully implement a marketing strategy?
  • What social media platforms {{}} should use for a successful social media campaign.
    • Based on your target audience and our findings, what social media platforms would be the most successful for you to reach your audience? Which should you focus most of your efforts on?

Timeframe: 2 Weeks



Phase 2: Digital Marketing Strategy


Creative Marketing Strategy


  • How to launch and implement a powerful social media campaign
  • A full communication strategy and guide
  • Social media recommendations for delivering client’s message to the desired target market successfully
  • Implementation plan for launching Social Media campaign(s)
  • Specific goals and plans for achieving goals
  • Social Media Marketing Calendar including specific promotions

Key Deliverables of Digital Marketing Strategy:

  • Customized Platform-specific communication strategy
    • Unique 4 campaign overviews with goal/purpose breakdown.
    • Sample posts and detailed action items organized by social media platform including ‘how-to’ action items.
  • Platform-specific goals
    • Stand-alone posts and strategies specific to your business as it pertains to each platform and its audience/themes. Technical ‘how-tos’ may be included depending on strategy focus/goals.
      • Linkedin – Includes 1 sample outreach message written for you.
      • Facebook – Includes list of facebook groups
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
      • Pinterest
      • Youtube
  • 100 curated #Hashtag recommendations
    • To be used on various platforms to support both campaigns and stand-alone posts. Hashtags broken down by category and niche.
  • Tag Recommendations
    • People and companies to engage with. Tags broken down by category and niche.
  • Influencer marketing options
    • Influencers in your niche who you should reach out to and connect with to build a promotion partnership with.
  • Lead Generation Tactics
    • Sample funnel breakdown for 1 product/service. Possible sample email depending on goals/strategy focus.
      • Landing Page
      • Freebie
      • Drip Campaign
  • 30 Blog topics
    • Researched and curated blog topics with SEO headlines for you to start with.
  • Newsletters
    • Topics ideas as well as a general outline and frequency for each newsletter. Includes section recommendations.
  • Offline marketing tactics
    • Traditional marketing that can be paired with online efforts.
      • Tradeshows
      • Radio
      • Events
      • Mailouts
      • Etc.

Timeframe: 1 Day Session and 3 Weeks to follow up with the written strategy.

++ Bonus: One custom branded meme for your social media platform use
+++ Bonus: One free hour of coaching after 1 month

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Still not sure? See the testimonials below.


Sarah and her team did a Digital Marketing Strategy for us – they are experts at what they do. I have been so impressed with the depth of their knowledge and how that translates into creative ideas ready to implement. Jumping Elephant has definitely up-ed our game. Thank you!

-Erin Sharp, Pivot Innovation


The digital space is something I know little about and in my quest I have found it challenging to find that ‘right’ fit. I have to admit, I went into the initial meeting with my guard up, but I left the meeting feeling pumped. Sarah’s passion for her business was abundantly clear, I love it!
After an in-depth Phase 1 Market Analysis followed by a well laid out Phase 2 Digital Marketing Strategy, it all became clear…I have my work cut out for me. The digital marketing strategy, while overwhelming at first with just how thorough it is, once broken down into smaller tasks…I can do this. And the best part, I don’t have to do it alone. Thank you, Sarah and Jumping Elephant! Let’s crush it! Jumping Elephant is a definite recommend.

-Jeremy Nagel, Canada Mortgage Direct


In the short time that I have been working with Sarah, her expertise in digital marketing has taken Business Edge News Magazine from a very print-centric business to a multi-media marketing force. She conducted targeted research on our digital media capabilities and the digital landscape in our industry, provided a well-written printed booklet of that research and brilliantly devised strategy, then immediately started executing on her recommendations. Sarah’s work has been a game changer for Business Edge, and I look forward to working with her for many years to come

-Rob Driscoll, Business Edge News Magazine


I first met Sarah through a seminar she put on for an introduction for small business owners to social media. Even though I had dabbled personally in social media quite a bit, I had realized very quickly that I had a lot to learn and that things seemed overwhelming. The introductory course was very beneficial and scratched the surface of most of the social media platforms. I wanted to go deeper and look into how best to utilize these platforms for my business and the brand I was trying to create. Sarah worked with me on a digital marketing strategy which I now consider my bible. She got to know me, what I was trying to do with my business, my audience and my competitors. Her and her team came up with an excellent strategy that I am now implementing over the next 3-6 months. I can’t thank Sarah enough for her knowledge and creativity and I am sure we will be working closely together as I build my new business and as I continue to grow my business in the future. I would highly recommend JE Social Media and Sarah Kirkpatrick to any and all small business owners!

-Doug Cabral, Realtor


Working with Sarah from Jumping Elephant was a pleasure. We were looking for a plan to really jump into “social media marketing” and she was fabulous to work with. Sarah took the time to get to know us and our business and put together an excellent plan that we are in the midst of implementing; as well as helped us get in contact with others to help us in other areas.

-Carleen Mckinley, Bianca Amor


I have been working with Sarah for a month now on a comprehensive re-branding strategy and have been so impressed with her relaxed manner and her keen listening and observations skills. Even though I am in an industry that is foreign to her she “got” me and I am confident we are on your way to creating magic with my brand and that the ROI will exceed the investment. I highly recommend Sarah and her company – Social Media Guru indeed!

-Angela Martini, Isagenix