Digital Marketing Training

There are so many amazing tools that you can use to teach yourself to kick big elephant butt with your marketing. These tools have been specially created by the Jumping Elephant team to help empower small business owners to take their marketing into their own hands and see success by their own doing - especially when budget for outsourcing is limited.

There are a number of different types of learning and training opportunities to take advantage of:

- (Digital Marketing) Social Media Coaching

- Workshops & Seminars

- Online Courses

- Ebooks

Social Media Coaching

Sometimes you have 1000 questions, and sometimes you just need someone to sit down with you 1-on-1 and work through some things. That is what social media coaching is perfect for. 

You run the show. Whatever you need support with, whether it be creating posts, writing a blog, technical page support, or just rapid fire marketing questions, Sarah will be there with her expert advice to make sure you walk away crystal clear on your next moves and understanding.

Calgary Social Media Workshops & Seminars

We offer the occasional classroom session in Calgary and area for individuals looking to learn more about social media in a group session. If there is not one coming up, we recommend the online digital marketing courses (see below).

Have a group eager to learn? Many organizations hire us for private lessons for their groups of 7 or more to teach on a social media topic of their choice. These are perfect for groups of small business owners, those with memberships, brokerages with independent agents, and other similar setups.

Online Digital Marketing Courses

Learn at your own pace!

Our extremely in depth walkthrough courses come with lifetime access and a facebook support group for accountability. With these courses you can empower yourself to build a marketing plan for your company, learn how to implement lead-generating machines into your business so automation can bring you more free time, and learn the standard of what is successful in marketing for business.

There are three course options of varying sizes and price points.

Social Media Ebook

Need a little insight into the foundations of social media for business? There are so many channels and how do you know which you should be on. This ebook details all of the channels most commonly used for social media and the demographics and general style of each. It is a great place to start!