District Studios YYC: Web Design

We are all about community at Jumping Elephant, so when Anita reached out asking for a website that not only served to tell potential rental prospects about the District Studios YYC space but more to showcase her existing tenants, we couldn’t get enough of it. The focus of this website was not to ‘sell’ vacant spaces, but instead to support those already a part of her community. In doing this, prospective and interested tenants would see the culture and support they would receive, and so a big sales page was not needed. The site also acts as a landing page for customers looking for beauty services in Calgary. It introduces the space and all of the various services available for a one-stop-shop.

The physical location is clean and modern and trendy, and so the website had to be an introduction to that. It had to be clean and clutter-free, and give an overall ‘pampering’ vibe. This is how we did that:


District Studios YYC Home Page

Because of the minimalist approach of the website to keep it clean and airy (like the physical location), we selected 4 key points to address on the home page, which more seamlessly blended and carried the reader down the full page.


About Page: Who Is District Studios?

What can people expect when they visit your location? What can they expect when they work from this location? We took Anita’s content and brought it to life with vibrant imagery and the high-quality photos she was able to provide.


Directory for a Beauty Website

The gem of the site. This directory showcased all of the District Studios YYC businesses and gave each of them their own mention, page, and link back to their website and social media channels. Supporting them through organic search and SEO.

Users can search via keyword or category to find businesses they would like to visit. A second location is in the plans and this directory is also capable of searching by distance!


Beauty Professionals Wait List Sign Up

Because the studios within District Studio YYC are sought after and limited, there is a page for interested professionals to be added to the waitlist. Genius!



Contact Us with Google Maps

Because there will be multiple locations in due time, the map is key feature for this physical location. It is clean and simple and easy to use for all inquiries.



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