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Downtown Self Storage: Blogging

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We had the privilege of working with Downtown Self Storage for a full digital marketing strategy, website design, and social media management – and we also got to help them get started with blogging.

Every single business website should have a blog, and the easiest time to implement that is… anytime (but even more so when you get a new website). Since we were redesigning their site, we wanted to make sure that each page on it was complete and that we did everything we could to get them set up with SEO and a customer-friendly experience. We recommend 3 blogs be published with each new site.

Downtown Self Storage hired us to write 3 blogs for their website to build its foundation. They are extremely busy and we were not sure if they would be maintaining their blog, so we wanted to show a variety of blog styles – styles we recommend each company explore.

See below for details.


Blog welcome page, select which blog to read

Downtown Self Storage: Blogs

The first blog we did is a ‘list’ blog (or ‘number’ blog). These are click-worthy blogs that give people easy and immediate information. These generally bring in the most random traffic and are good for traffic-based SEO, but are not ideal for specific lead generation. We lead with this storage tips blog to establish that DTSS was going to be offering valuable information for their clients, and allowed us ample opportunity to discuss storage for keywords. It was targeted specifically at residential consumers living downtown (with reference to condo space throughout).

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The second blog we did was a ‘how-to’ blog and targeted a very different audience. These are also heavily clicked, but in a different way than list blogs. With how-to blogs, people searching for them are looking for details and more thorough information, so they are more willing to spend more time reading a blog. As we’ve said before in our own blog, the length of time someone spends on your website impacts SEO.

So for this how-to blog, we took the opportunity to capture an attentive audience – business owners. We diversified the audience targeting and focused on their secondary target market – business to business.

Here we were able to show that DTSS is there to support downtown businesses in a unique way that may not have occurred to them before.

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Lastly, because Downtown Self Storage had invested so much into their marketing, we wanted to make sure that they were not missing the networking opportunities associated with such a big push.

We wrote a blog for them that shouted out to local home cleaners and organization businesses who may have clients that would need storage. When this post was shared, all of the businesses were tagged in the post as well, which increased the reach. These blogs are extremely useful for niche targeting in an area and networking and building connections with referral partners and locals.

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We wish you all the best!