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Downtown Self Storage: Social Media Set up & Facebook and Instagram Management

Downtown Self Storage Social Media Account Setup

We had the privilege of seeing Downtown Self Storage (DTSS) through a full spectrum of digital marketing efforts. Starting with a complete digital marketing strategy we built the roadmap for all other efforts to follow. Dave Palmer, owner of DTSS, was so impressed he hired us to completely overhaul their entire website (see their website portfolio writeup here: Once that was in place we were brought on to set up the company’s social media accounts, as they had been completely focused on traditional marketing prior to this. We created social media pages for them on Facebook and Instagram, as well as a company Linkedin page and personal Linkedin profile for the owner, Dave Palmer.

For all of these pages, we created custom feature images, wrote ‘overview’ and about sections (as well as summary and experience for the personal profile), and filled out all applicable fields so that the pages were fully foundational and ready to build on.

Downtown Self Storage Linkedin

downtown self storage linkedin

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Downtown Self Storage Content Creation for Facebook & Instagram

After creating profiles on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram, we were hired to create content for Facebook and Instagram for a 3-month period so that we could establish the foundation of content needed for the DTSS internal staff to build off of. We also managed the channels and completed weekly outreach and engagement to assist in page growth and getting the DTSS name in front of all downtown Calgary businesses (and boy are there a lot!).

We created content for Instagram and then optimized it for use on Facebook to keep costs down. This allowed us to speak to two audiences with similar content and establish the pages for the DTSS team. We created a number of custom branded graphics and researched hundreds of hashtags for a wide reach on instagram.

“The December Calendar looks great. Are you sure you never owned a mini storage? Posts are very insightful.”

-Dave Palmer

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