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It’s not often we get to go for a client onboarding meeting and snuggle with baby piglets!!!!

We were hired to do both a website and a strategy for Eh Farms. Christina, the #farmher from Eh Farms, has big dreams for her Mangalitsa pig farm in Strathmore. She loves her special pigs and wants the world to see the quality that is produced on her farm. We created a website and strategy aimed at showcasing that love balanced with selling the quality pork that comes of it. And we wanted it to feel ‘farm fresh’ and ‘family-owned and operated’ – in short, we wanted people to feel comfortable and connected.


Home Page

The home page hero image is actually a video taken by a drone. The navigation stays transparent while it is over top of the video so that you can see the entire thing. Once you begin to scroll, it turns white so that the navigation button is easy to see and it gives structure to the page.

eh farms drone video hero image eh farms pigs and chickens

eh farms home page whats new eh farms side navigation wordpress


Our Story

A female farmer! It is not as publicized as it should be, but Christina has a huge personality and her farm deserves to be known. We created a story page about the farmer and her family, allowing us to introduce the faces behind the brand and creating a deeper connection for viewers of the site.

eh farms family


Mangalitsa Pigs

Because these pigs are so special, being few and far between to find in Canada, they needed 2 pages to showcase their qualities: ‘What are Mangalitsa Pigs’ which talked about the difference in pork and how Manga’s differ from the pork we are used to eating, and ‘The History of the Breed’ which highlighted how special they really are! But nobody wants to read a history book (sorry historians), so we outlined the history in a visually engaging timeline with cute orange cartoon icons.

what are mangalitsa pigs mangalitsa pig pork history of mangalitsa mangalitsa pigs canada


What’s New

Farmers are busy! While some companies have time to write lengthy blogs, many farmers just don’t. So we created an easy way for Christina to announce exciting new things for the farm (such as piglet births or participation in world-renowned competitions)! By creating short blog posts, which are more of a brief announcement, we designed it so that these would automatically get added to a timeline that would continuously update as new posts were made, top-down.

whats new eh farms


Mangalitsa for Meals

The truth of the matter is, as much as we love to show the pigs enjoying their lives and frolicing in fields, they are bred for dinner. By showing this in a professional and clean way, we are able to maintain the integrity of the brand, and stay true to the farmer’s love for her pigs and farm. We created 2 pages dedicated to preparing Manga: ‘Mangalitsa Mondays ‘(recipes), and ‘What’s missing from your kitchen’ (Meat sales page).

mangalitsa pork products order mangalitsa pork


Easton’s Chickens

The farmer’s son is in charge of the chickens. They sell farm fresh eggs to locals in Strathmore (and us when we go visit). We also did a marketing strategy for them which outlined ‘Easton’s Chickens’ as a primary campaign for their social media presence. This webpage was created to support that social campaign and give a solid story to an adorable kid helping his family on the farm.

free range eggs strathmore



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