Email Drip Campaigns

Drip, drip, drip…

Did you hear that? It isn’t the faucet that you forgot to fix! It is that wonderfully crafted ‘Email Drip Campaign’ that Jumping Elephant is ready to create for you!!


Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach out and engage/inform your followers with relevant information that will lead them back to you, AUTOMATICALLY. Sure, you could go about emailing them through e-blasts here and there, but guaranteed those emails will have a lower open rate AND… you have to do those manually each and every time!

Instead, we propose that you invest a portion of your marketing budget into creating an email marketing campaign that will work, even when you are not. One that brings customers back to your website with targeted sales messages and reminders RIGHT when they are ready to buy, boosting your ROI! How do we do this? Through the use of strategic email drip campaigns!


Did You Know…

According to the National Client Email Report completed by The Direct Marketing Association, 55% of segmented email campaigns were responsible for email revenue and “76% of all email marketing revenue came from more advanced practices than generic broadcast emails.”

When you send out e-blasts of non-specific information, you are missing a key opportunity to actually target and transform your emails into ROI!


What is a Drip Campaign???

A [email] drip campaign is one of the most effective forms of email marketing to date. It is a layered campaign that sends out specifically-targeted and audience-focused emails at very specific times (following a subscriber action) to address and achieve a specific goal (very specific if you ask us…).

Jumping Elephant will create a set of branded, audience-focused, engaging emails (each with killer content!) that is relevant to your business, products/services, and overall goals. All of the emails you receive within the campaign will be customized to a specific sale/goal and written in highly-convertible sales copy (while staying true to your brand and voice). These emails are SPECIFIC. You want to appeal directly to the person receiving the email (aka the person who just took an action with your company) and answer the question they are asking RIGHT NOW.


How an Email Drip Campaign Works

For Example… You are a business selling African Safaris, you want to capture those individuals who are planning a safari adventure.

Whatever your customer wants, we will work to appeal to those desires in the various strategic emails crafted specifically for your own business goals.


STEP 1: Using your email subscription collector (eg: mailchimp, active campaign) we will create and set up TARGETED emails that will craft a drip campaign that will be released in a methodical way. (Yes, there IS a method to our email madness!)

  • The emails created for your drip campaign trigger as soon as someone subscribes (thanks to a lead magnet you have set up for a ‘free sample safari itinerary’).


STEP 2: When new users subscribe (like through a Lead Generation Form) they will receive the first drip email right away.

  • Email 1: Addressing their immediate needs (“Safari Itinerary: What you can expect on our safari, and which animals you will see”)


STEP 3: After some time has passed, the next email in the drip campaign will be sent out automatically to that new subscriber (Remember: ‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder!’).

  • Email 2: New and exciting company information (“Our latest safari vehicles are quieter than ever, so we can get CLOSER  to those amazing animals!”)


STEP 4:  The rest of your emails in the drip campaign are slowly released over a strategic timeframe until they are sent the FINAL sales email. You give them an excited sell, leave them the correct links, and wait for the sale to be processed!

  • Email 3: Bonus information to build trust (“Best places to integrate yourself in the culture!”)
  • Email 4: A reason/solution for why they should be buying your service ASAP (“BABY ELEPHANTS SPOTTED!! ALL OF NEXT MONTH’S TOURS WILL SEE THEM!”)
  • Email 5: A ‘buy now’ to close the sale (“Because of the exclusivity of our touring locations, we have limited spots which often book 6 months in advance, but we have a few that just opened up sooner!”)


Step 5: Their automation ends and their contact is tagged as a ‘sale’ or ‘no sale’ and are redirected accordingly for future correspondence.


What’s Included?

  • Marketing strategy to ensure the emails and funnel are appropriate for the target audience
  • Converting copywriting perfectly targeted for the target audience and ensuring cohesiveness with other funnel pieces (ads, landing pages, emails, etc)

Need help implementing the emails?
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Like an Elephant with a Cold…

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