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Email Marketing (like a pro!) for Your Small Business

Email Marketing for Your Small Business

Email Marketing (like a pro!) for Your Small Business

Sending out emails to your clients and prospective customers is one of the best ways to… well… remind them that you EXIST! It’s how you can remind them how awesome your small business is and why they subscribed/reached out in the first place. But if not done properly, emails are also one of the easiest ways to push your audience away. (We’ve all been in a situation where we get WAY TOO MANY spammy emails and unsubscribed and avoided the company altogether!) 

Now you need to ask yourself, are you playing the email guessing game for your business? Well, if you are tired of the guessing game, not sure when to send emails, what content to share, or how often to connect… you don’t have to play anymore! Here is what you need to know about email marketing like a pro for your small business!


Email Marketing 101

Adding email marketing to your business strategy is a way that will GROW your business and increase your ROI! Because, of the billions of emails that are sent out each and every day (seriously… some statistics say that over 200 billion emails are sent daily!), you want YOURS to stand out! The best way to do that (aside from using bold text) is through a specialized Email Marketing program.

“But what the heck is email marketing anyway?” you ask? 

There are different approaches to marketing emails that are known to make lasting impressions and get you the results you’ve heard of!

  • Newsletters
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Setup and Management

The biggest regret of most business owners is that they did not start growing their email list sooner. Whether you are ready to invest in a full-blown marketing funnel or realize the importance of collecting emails in the meantime, these key elements are your start to a hugely successful sales year!


Newsworthy Newsletters - Email MarketingEmail Marketing with Newsworthy Newsletters

Newsletters are key in making sales and informing people of new products and promotions you have going on. Your email list is your warmest direct audience and are generally where most sales are made. That said, nobody is going to stay on your list if all you do is sell to them! Having monthly blogs that are informative and educational and entertaining will ensure that people continue to read them, and then will see the features you are promoting for your own sales. When creating your newsworthy newsletters, be sure to include:

  • Branded template designs
  • Header image swaps (for holidays and special occasions!)
  • Body content writing
  • Custom Images
  • Sales
  • Blog shares
  • Links to website and social media accounts


Email Drip Campaign - Email MarketingBoosting Sales with Email Drip Campaigns

Email drip campaigns are one of the most AMAZING solutions to increase your exposure, and lead to digital sales. And funny enough, they are one of the things used the LEAST by small businesses! An email drip campaign is a marketing tactic that slowly ‘drips’ out information to your subscribers over time, each email growing in excitement and offering unique information. These ‘drippy’ emails are released every few days/weeks and slowly lead to a sale. Every email drip campaign should include:

  • Unique custom lead content
  • Branded design
  • Clean formatting
  • Strategic scheduling


Want to know more about email drip campaigns? Check out our most recent Blog: Everything Small Business Owners Need to Know About Email Drip Campaigns


Email Marketing Management and SetupEmail Marketing Set Up and Management for Ongoing Success

All of that stuff there above? It works best when it is connected to an email management program (like Active Campaign). These programs are powerhouses for lead generation, but they need to be set up properly so your funnels go off without a hitch. Everything must be connected and collected and tagged perfectly for email marketing use.

Each individual email needs to be designed, formatted, and set up for automation so that you get the payoff you worked so hard for. And, as with any marketing, analytics and optimization are key to ensuring the highest rate of return and click throughs for sales. Your email marketing set up and management should include:

  • Tag management
  • Form and automation setup
  • Design and formatting
  • Mid-funnel analytics
  • Ongoing optimization


Bonus: Our next blog called “Your Guide to Setting Up an Email Marketing Funnel (and how to manage it!)” – Stay tuned!


Use these email marketing strategies to enhance your online emailing game and earn the success you’ve worked so hard for! What better way to get in touch and stay in touch with your customers than through the magic of email!

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Happy mailing!