Email Marketing

Sending out emails to your clients and prospective customers is one of the best ways to... well... remind them that you EXIST! It's how you can remind them how awesome your small business is and why you subscribed/reached out in the first place. But if not done properly, emails are also one of the easiest ways to push your audience away.

(We’ve all been in a situation where we got WAY TOO MANY spammy emails and unsubscribed and avoided the company altogether)


Are You Playing the Email Guessing Game for your business?

Well, if you are tired of the guessing game, not sure when to send emails, what content to share, or how often to connect… you don’t have to play anymore (you can't lose if you don't play right?)! Instead, let us play for you and introduce email marketing to your business strategy in a way that will GROW your business and INCREASE your ROI!


Of the billions of emails that are sent out each and every day (seriously… some statistics say that over 200 billion emails are sent daily!), you want yours to stand out. The best way to do that (aside from using orange bold text) is through a specialized Email Marketing program.

But what the heck is email marketing anyway?

There are two different approaches to marketing emails that are known to make a lasting impression and get you the results you've heard of!

- Newsletters

- Email Drip Campaigns

- Email Marketing Setup and Management

Introducing the Newsletter…

(as if it is a new concept...)

The first and most common type of email marketing is newsletters. You probably have 6 in your email right now. These fantastic digital letters are great ways to keep your audiences informed of:

  • the latest news
  • promotions and sales
  • exciting events
  • check
    new services/products
  • check
    and in-the-know about your business!

BUT, it is these emails that can easily go soooooo wrong and actually push people away.
Those 6 in your inbox. Do you care? Are they good? Who are they even from? Do you plan to open them?
Spam will lead to an ‘unsubscribe’ very quickly.

DON'T FEAR - When subscribers get a beautifully designed newsletter that has an intriguing subject line that piques their curiosity and opens up to plenty of interesting and relevant content that they actually want to read... they will stick around. And YOU will benefit!

When you connect digitally and leave a positive impression with your followers, you will see a drastic increase in your online presence, ROI, and a reduced bounce rate!
(plus, you will avoid that dreaded 'unsubscribe', or worse - spam report)

Not sure how to do this? Let's Chat!!

Need more info?

Boost Sales with Email Drip Campaigns!

Email Drip Campaigns are one of the most AMAZING solutions to increase your exposure, and lead to digital sales – and funny enough, they are one of the things used the LEAST by small businesses!


An Email Drip Campaign is a marketing tactic that slowly ‘drips’ out information to your subscribers over time, each email growing in excitement and offering unique information. These ‘drippy’ emails are released every few days/weeks and slowly lead to a sale.

This type of email marketing works best when paired with a Lead Magnet (freebie) from your site that encourages a subscription (the real gold in this marketing world!). Once you have received their email, the automated emails starts to drip out to them in a strategic way.

Why Our Clients Get Email Marketing: 

  • 1
    They want to increase their ROI
  • 2
    They are working to improve their brand awareness
  • 3
    They want to save time with sales and qualify leads
  • 4
    They have goals to reach and a marketing program to reach them

What's Included: 

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Targeted copywriting for each email


Setup and Management So It All Pays Off

The setup and management of each email is crucial to pulling off a successful automated and cohesive campaign. 

Each individual email needs to be designed, formatted, and set up for automation so that you get the payoff you worked so hard for. And, as with any marketing, analytics and optimization are key to ensuring the highest rate of return and click throughs for sales.

  • Design and formatting
  • Mid-Funnel Analytics
  • Ongoing optimization

Ready to get started and begin seeing ELEPHANT-SIZED results?

Your Elephant Guides Are Here to Help!

We will guide you and design a branded email marketing strategy that works! We are pros when it comes to crafting emails that get opened and we will help you offer the best information to your audiences!


So, lets’ turn your basic emails into lead generating wonders that your subscribers won’t wait to open!

Ready to take it a step further and really grow your email list so your email marketing has a broader reach? Get a head start on 'lead generation'!!