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First Edition First Aid Training Inc.: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – Social Media Management and Content Creation

First Edition Facebook

First Edition First Aid Training Inc.: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – Social Media Management and Content Creation

We have been working with First Edition for many years building up their web content, social content, weekly blogs, and sending out monthly newsletters. First Edition has a difficult product to sell online, so we have used their social media platforms as an opportunity for added media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


In the past two years, we have added new strategies to assist the company in bringing awareness to the importance of AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) and public safety. As the company has grown, so has the marketing budget (marketing should be allocated 10% of a business’ budget), allowing us to offer new and exciting opportunities to build their base even further. We began with a primary focus on Facebook, using Twitter as a secondary platform. Recently we have added the use of LinkedIn to further connect the company and employees with those in the industry, increasing awareness about the company and their mission.


First Edition has seen exceptional success both in AED sales and First Aid courses in the past year and through this success, the company has reached an entirely new level. Our team has continued to nurture First Edition and expand the company’s reach through organic content on each social channel with no paid advertising or boosting.


First Edition First Aid Training Inc.: Facebook

With the use of a monthly calendar and daily posts, as well as daily engagement, the First Edition Facebook page has amplified by hundreds of followers in the past year alone. In addition to the new campaigns and business strategies, we have hosted a number of contests which have helped to increase page views, followers, shares, and the business’s presence.

First Edition Facebook

FEFA - InHome AED - Home


First Edition First Aid Training Inc.: Twitter

In 2018 we began a new campaign for First Edition, #FindAnAED, which encourages further engagement on social media platforms while also raising awareness of these important devices and their locations. We began the campaign through a keyword-dense explanatory blog and then began sharing AED locations using the hashtag #AEDFound on all platforms, encouraging others to do the same. The hashtag has now been used hundreds of times on Twitter and has led to greater page engagement.

FEFA Twitter


#FindAnAED / #AEDFound Campaign
 FindAnAED Campaign - AED Awareness Image



First Edition First Aid Training Inc.: LinkedIn

First Edition LinkedIn


First Edition First Aid Training Inc.: Blogs

First Edition Blogs

 First Edition Blog - 1  First Edition Blog - 2



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