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first edition aed, cpr, first aid home page

First Edition First Aid Training hired us in 2015 to create a website for the sale of their Automatic External Defibrillators.

Since then they have seen massive growth and their needs surpassed what the original website was designed for. They needed a much more robust e-commerce site, first aid training registration, Content for a number of different landing pages and products, and an overall ‘larger’ presence.

We jumped at the opportunity to make this medical website feel more personal, show off their superior customer service and family-owned roots, and help them reach their online sales and growth goals.

We created 2 websites (linked seamlessly) for the client. One for AED sales Canada-Wide, and one for local first aid training. Here is the main AED website we created. You can see the First Aid website here: 


Home Page

The home page had to be welcoming. It had to let people know that AED’s are for everyday people. We wanted the home page to touch on the important pieces, in case people were not sure where to navigate to. It showcased our most popular products, easy buttons to get ahold of First Edition, a ‘find a distributor’ for people looking to purchase from a company and not online (outside of Calgary), as well as our most recent blogs (great for SEO).

first edition aed, cpr, first aid home page

find an aed distributor canada


AED Sales

The website had to be extremely easy to purchase products and navigate around. Selling a product that you hope nobody ever has to use has enough challenges, so buying one needed to be simple. We used Woo Commerce to add an inexpensive eCommerce section to their website and populated each page clearly and with thorough (customer and SEO friendly) content.

We also created a build-your-own package where people can select which items they want and create a custom package, right on the website.

aed online sales woo commerce medical supplies woo commerce aed package online sale build your own aed package


Landing Pages

We created a number of goal-specific landing pages to be used for email campaigns and facebook ads.

aed rental calgary group first aid training calgary group first aid training registration



The history of this company is extremely important, and the company wanted a major focus on the legacy the founder had. We dedicated an entire section to the history of First Edition and Jan Kirkpatrick, as well as the family behind it. This was key to building brand loyalty and proving the family-owned foundation.

They also had some heavy-hitting clients who we wanted to showcase in the testimonials section.


About Us

We also included the standard ‘about us’ and ‘testimonials’ page.

first edition locaiton


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