Fractional CMO

So, you need senior-level marketing support but don’t want to hire someone full time. You’ve come to the right place.

You landed on this page for a reason, so I am not going to try to ‘sell’ you on getting a Fractional CMO. If you are looking for reasons why you may need one, I wrote a super comprehensive ‘What, Why, and When you need a Fractional CMO‘ page that will help you decide if it is the right move for your business now. Instead, I am going to use this page to explain who I am and how we can help you once you have decided a Fractional CMO is indeed something you need (and my guess is since you are on this website already, it 100% is).

We work with companies that make between $1.5M-$6M in revenue per year to solve 5-figure marketing problems in 6-12 month spans.

Why? Because these are the companies that we have seen get the biggest ROMS results in from our services.
Plus. we LOVE small businesses and are one ourselves!

Let me guess…

  • Your company revenue has plateaued.
  • You’ve grown primarily on repeat business, referrals, and word of mouth, but have also been trying ‘random acts of marketing’ to try to boost sales.
  • You need a new marketing strategy that actually ties these things together and is a sustainable lead generation plan.
  • You need an on-demand perspective around customer acquisition, sales pipelines, and loyalty strategies.
  • You have an in-house marketing person who helps you a lot, but they are not a strategist and can’t see the big picture.
  • You have a few contractors (web developer and designer), but they are at arms-reach and the projects are not cohesive – and when they are it takes a lot of project management on your behalf.
  • You are spending a lot of money on marketing and not seeing a return on that, including the cost of your in-house team and contractors. You may have also even worked with a VA or advertising agency and really felt like it was more ‘tactics’ and lacked that personal relationship.
  • You want someone to be a part of your team, but don’t want to commit to a full time employee and all of the costs and commitments that come with that – especially one that is senior-level.
  • You feel like the success of the company rests on your shoulders and you have nobody to bounce ideas off of. You are a part of networking and mastermind groups for support but are struggling to get personalized help.
  • You are not looking for a ‘coach’ to drop a strategy on your lap, but to actually see it through and help you get it set up and running, and you want your team to be included and benefit from it as well.

Does this sound like you?

Well then hurry up and scroll down because this next section is for you!
"Sarah just gets it where other people do not. Period. We had spent several months receiving proposals from various Marketing Agencies (local and national) and each one came back in a very B-School format where we couldn't correlate the cost with a return on investment.
As a fractional CMO Sarah became part of our team, taking the time to understand our DNA, end users of our service and competition. She put together a robust marketing and competitive analysis and marketing strategy that was fluid and cohesive across all potential marketing platforms. More importantly, she managed its implementation and delivery with our inhouse staff and 3rd party contractors, while coaching us over a 6 month process on how continue our marketing efforts after her contract expired. This resulted in cohesive brand and message across all platforms (digital and traditional). We saw an immediate increase in brand recognition and sales, which allowed us to see an ROI on our marketing.

I would not hesitate to hire Sarah for your marketing at any stage of your companies growth and expect that we will be engaging her again in the future."
Boaz Shilmover
Moby - Telecommunications

The ROMS Methodology

As a fractional CMO I am solving your long-term marketing problems. It can be tempting to keep jumping on the next marketing trend and to ‘try this’ and ‘try that’ and write a blog here, and send out a newsletter there. However, without a proper strategy and pipeline these efforts will continue to waste money, especially if they are not properly connected (technically and via a long-term growth and nurturing plan).


Let’s build a house:

Imagine you are building a house. You need a number of different trades for different specialities, and you also need a blueprint for everyone to follow. You need a framer, a flooring guy, a painter, a plumber, an electrician, a windows and doors installer, an HVAC person… (and so many more). But when do you need them all? In what order? How long do they need before the next person can come in? Do you NEED a built-in stereo system? Do you NEED hardwoods? Do you NEED landscaping? What happens if the drywall goes up before the electrician comes in? Now you have to cut up the drywall to feed the wires and then re-drywall – what a waste of time and money!

When you build a house you need a contractor. An expert in home-building who can oversee the whole project, intervene when needed, make sure everything is running on time and on schedule in the right order, and save you a ton of money and headache in the long run. And when the house is built correctly and under the guidance of an expert, the house will stay standing and bring you joy for years to come (or bring you lots more money when you sell).

I am sure you made the connection to a Fractional CMO yourself there…
House = Successful Business
Blueprint = Marketing Strategy
Contractor = CMO
Tradespeople = Contractors, and individual projects and tactics

With the example above it is easy to see how a contractor (read Fractional CMO) can save you money. But I wanted to hit on two more things here… 

  1. Your Return On Marketing Spend (ROMS) doesn’t just cover the ROI you get from paid ads and other marketing tactics… it also includes the ROI of your marketing team (eg: their salaries and associated contractor fees). By hiring a me as your Fractional CMO I make sure we are putting a strategy in place that increases your ROMS, including the productivity and tangible impact that your marketing expenditures are bringing you.
  2. We are not just doing a big marketing push. The strategy is a long-term one and it involves getting specific automated systems into place that support a number of marketing efforts now and in the future. It is a foundation that other marketing tactics can be built on down the road.
I am a business owner

As a business owner, I understand the everyday business ownership hurdles and what keeps you up at night (because I live it). I understand the struggle of managing different people and trying to keep tabs on what is working for your own marketing and deciding where to spend marketing dollars. This gives me the empathy and perspective to fully grasp the bigger picture and offer solutions that make sense to you, supporting you in ways you may not have known you needed from a Fractional CMO. This perspective is something that my clients have repeatedly told me they appreciated. I am also the co-owner of a million-dollar medical supply company which allows me to take off the marketing hat and see the real impact certain initiatives have.

I live and breathe marketing for small business

I have a degree in Creative Advertising and certificates in marketing management, digital marketing, social media, and lead generation. I have worked in large and small advertising agencies across Canada, and now own a successful boutique digital agency specializing in digital marketing for small business. I am the creator of a digital marketing academy selling 5-figures in its first launch, with continued sales month to month. I also act as the Fractional CMO for my medical supply company – an industry that is not quite as simple as ‘make a post and wait for the leads to come in’. It takes a lot of big-picture thinking and creating foundational strategies to really have digital pay off and continue to provide for your staff. 

I am not a contractor.

I know how hands-off agencies and contractors can be and also how their hands can often be tied when only given only a piece of the puzzle to work with. I am a part of your marketing team. As a Fractional CMO I am not at arms-length providing ‘could do and should do’ tactics for you. I immerse myself in your company and get to know your existing strategies and what has and has not worked. More importantly, I get to know you and your team and understand everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and create a new strategy that will be most effective. I am hands-on, invested, and see the whole puzzle through to completion.

I am a relationship builder.

Vendors and contractors love working with me. I have a number of testimonials from various contractors on how easy it is to work with me and how seamless projects run when I am at the helm and with the systems I have in place. I love building teams that work together to make big things happen and it is important for me to build relationships with people who are amazing at what they do and have personalities that fit certain work cultures.

I am available.

As your Fractional CMO I am always available for because I know that panic that arises when something strange happens online, or that excitement to get started on a big new idea. While I do have boundaries for non-essential work, I can always make myself available when needed. I also only take on 6 clients at a time so that I have the capacity to give individualized attention for the full 6-12 months.

I am organized and methodical.

When it comes to project management, timelines, and rolling-out of strategies, I am matriarch-level leadership with trunk-level detail. Creating a plan is often half the battle and when there is a solid blueprint to follow, all parties stay on track for a quicker and more efficient turnaround. 

I am a professional project manager. 

I pride myself in being able to handle whatever is thrown at me and filter what can be handled with myself and your team, and what needs to be brought to your attention. You will find that this actually increases your ROMS because I manage my own time as well as that of your team

Our Fractional CMO Promise

We will increase your ROMS with innovative ideas and the execution of concrete lead generation systems and retention strategies.

With Sarah Kirkpatrick as your Fractional CMO, and with the support of Jumping Elephant, you will get foundational marketing strategies that increase your ROMS long-term, and an empowered team to execute your marketing strategies and creatively adapt to changes in ways that grow the business – without adding to your own workload

In the end you will have consistent lead flow, peace of mind knowing that you don’t have wastage in your marketing spend, and will have gotten off the roller coaster ride of ‘ebb and flow’ of revenue and ROI in marketing.

The Fractional CMO Process

Phase 1 - Becoming Part of the Team

Month 1
  1. Consultation – Meeting to discuss needs, goals, and make sure we are a good fit.

  2. Welcome / Onboarding – Getting to know each other as a client would get to know you. Doing a blind audit and digital market analysis of the industry to understand where you sit and how potential clients see you and understand you.

  3. ‘Becoming An Expert’ – In-depth, hands-on deep dive into your company with you to understand the ins and outs of your business: 1) What marketing efforts you currently have in place, 2) What you are doing for lead generation, 3) Your customer service strategy, 4) How leads are handed, 5) What platforms and software are used for marketing.

  4. Team Introduction – Meeting and getting to know the team. Becoming a part of the team. 1) Who is who, 2) What they do, 3) What they love to do, 4) What they are great at, 5) What goals they have for the company, 6) What goals they have for themselves, 7) What ideas they have. Really getting everyone together to get on the same page, get the lay of the land, set boundaries and make sure everyone understands who I am and allow me to understand and appreciate who they are.

Phase 2 - Marketing Strategy

Month 2
  1.  Digital Strategy – After a complete understanding of who you are and where you sit, we will develop a complete marketing strategy that includes both immediate changes as well as long term goals. We will lay out your custom automation strategy and what needs to be created, edited, or removed from the existing structure. The digital strategy will cover website update recommendations, lead generation set-up and management strategy, social media content strategy, outreach and digital customer service strategy, loyalty and retention plan, email marketing set up and management strategy, SEO recommendations, and whatever else is relevant for a complete marketing revamp for your business.

  2. Roll-Out plan – Taking the approved strategy pieces, we will divide it up by who will be completing each of the tasks (can be your existing team, contractors, or my team – whoever is most qualified, available, and best for your business). A roll out timeline detailing each category and each task within that will be set, and individual tasks and due dates will be assigned to appropriate team members.

Phase 3 - Marketing Strategy Execution & Implementation

Month 3
  1.  Team management / Execution – This may begin with hiring the specialists for certain pieces. From there I will manage and oversee the roll out of the revamp and ensure that each task is being completed on time. I will work with the team to answer any questions they have and to brainstorm with them the creative pieces needed for each, as well as editing and initial approvals for all tasks. I will keep you in the loop as things progress with small approvals as things are completed to be able to move forward. Once approved we will review the entire project and do testing to ensure that each of the moving pieces (especially automation) is working flawlessly. We will do some testing in-house as well as with the audience.

  2. Review / Approvals – Once all of the pieces have been put into place, we will do a full reveal and get final approvals from you for each marketing piece. You will have seen many of the pieces as they were coming to completion in the project, but this will be your chance to see it all together as a bigger picture – as the machine it is meant to be. We will get all final approvals here and make any changes necessary at this step.

  3. Training – Once everything is running smoothly I will be training you and appropriate team members how to manage and monitor these systems. As well as how to use them for leads, sales, and customer service. This will be a full training of all associated members so that it can run at full capacity and be fully utilized. It will include how to make changes so you are empowered to adjust as necessary in the future.

Phase 4 - Marketing Management & Accountability

Month 4-5 or 4-10
  1.  Weekly Adjustments / Task Completion – With this foundational setup work completed, it is now about ongoing monitoring, adjustments, and management of each of the pieces. Initiatives such as social media will have ongoing marketing tasks to be completed. I will work with your team to ensure that these are all being completed. I will edit and manage these projects as I work with them and empower them to grow with these processes and understand how to look at the whole process.

  2. Weekly Accountability Support – You and I will have weekly coaching and support calls. These can be with certain team members or simply for you to ask any marketing questions you have, assign new projects, and ensure that you feel completely supported and comfortable with how things are going. We can discuss the progress of ongoing tasks, our findings, and review necessary tasks for approval. These weekly calls allow us to adjust quickly when things in the business change and marketing needs to follow suit.
    Note: Contact is not limited to these weekly calls. We will be in touch via text and email as often as you need. These are just to ensure we set time aside so I can support.

  3. Monthly Tune-Ups: Audits / Analytic Reporting – At the end of each month the team and I will review everything that ran that month and the analytics tied to those. New leads? Conversions? Vanity Metrics? Email captures? Sales? This is the time to take a look at internal and external factors that may be impacting the business and tune up or pivot to stay ahead of the curve. We will need support from your sales team and yourself to get the full picture of changes that have been made and where certain leads ended up. With these audits we will be able to see where there may be a blockage or incoming changes so that we can add those to our task lists.

Phase 5 - Marketing Sustainability

Month 6 or 12
  1.  Hand off / Training – As our contract is coming to a close we will be working with you and your team to ensure that everyone is equipped with the skills and knowledge to continue working on these efforts and pushing the marketing and company forward. There will be training for technical skills where necessary (though this will have been done over the months), and team management and ‘bigger-picture’ communication between the parties to replace my team management and strategy. Your team will be fully empowered before I sign off.

  2. Ongoing Support – You will not be left high and dry after our contract is up. There are options for ongoing support on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis as needed. This is led by you and has no contract. It is on an as-needed basis.

Want a sneak peak?

Download our Fractional CMO Guide for a look into the systems and marketing strategies we help businesses implement every day!