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How Important is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

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How Important is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Each and every person has their very own online presence, meaning they are more critical than ever of other’s in their space. Customers have evolved beyond clickbait and sales ads, and marketers are learning quickly that authenticity is the ruler of the 7 kingdoms (sorry… Game of Thrones hangover). But in order to truly succeed, you need to know WHAT you are posting (even for the ‘candid’ moments). Obvious, right? Interestingly enough, many small businesses begin their digital marketing journey ‘because you need to be on social media’ and find themselves overwhelmed and not knowing what, where, and when to post!

Here’s a bit of information on the ‘ruler’ of marketing, the digital marketing strategy, and how it could give your business the keys to the Iron Bank (a bit of a GOT stretch? … Maybe… but I had to try)!


What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

It’s the what, where, and when (and sometimes ‘how’) to post. A digital marketing strategy is an in-depth document rolling out the red carpet for a completely customized promotional plan for your company!

When companies, both large and small, focus on developing and implementing a strategy, they are more likely to achieve their long-term goals. It is for this reason that setting aside a strategy and marketing budget is necessary to achieve online excellence. According to, “64% of successful companies build their budget based on their strategy, rather than on past behaviours.” Of course, we can learn from ‘what we’ve been doing’ but if business marketing goals have not been reached, then an adaptation and change is required. This is primarily done through applying new approaches to SEO (search engine optimization), enhancing blogs, utilizing social media, taking advantage of paid advertising, and other such strategies.

If your business aspires to grow in the online world, a marketing strategy will take each of those marketing goals, and after assessing market research, will create the ultimate new plan that will lead to success and profit!


Why Do You Want a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Why you Need a Digital Marketing StrategySimple. You want to grow your business, and with a marketing strategy you can! Here is how! You will:

  • Reduce wasted time trying to determine what type of content to post on social media
  • Gain insight into what you could be doing better or what is already working
  • Know who your competitors are and identify where you sit in the current market
  • Determine what your target audience is looking for and how to reach them
  • Have the resources necessary to do social media management YOURSELF and keep you and your team on the right track!

A marketing initiative without a strategy will fail. You have to know what you are CURRENTLY doing (aka: an audit) to know if it is unique, if it is hitting a unique niche, or if it is oversaturated and time for a new plan (aka: a marketing strategy!). If it does seem as though it is time to change up your approach, no problem – you can only advance from here!


What is Included in a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Now that you know what a marketing strategy is, what is actually included in this magical document to help your business (aka kingdom) grow? Take a peek at just a few of the topics our digital marketing strategy will cover for you:



Through the audit portion of a strategy (phase 1), we take the time to analyze what you are currently doing and offer suggestions for improvement and encouragement on what is already thriving.

We look at:

  1. Your website
  2. Your blog
  3. Your social media channels

For the trouble areas, we pinpoint and dissect them so that we can get to the root of the problem and offer a holistic marketing solution. All of the best ideas in the world will fall flat on a page if it is not optimized and a website does not convert. Our audit will share the successes and misses of your current online marketing approach.


Competitor Analysis

In order for your business to ‘move up the ladder,’ you need to know what the rulers at the top are doing to succeed. Are they using hashtags correctly? Are they taking advantage of holiday promotions? Do they do a daily post on their primary social media pages? What content are people engaging most with?

We analyze those key competitors in your market and see what they are doing to remain at the top. We also take a look at those who are in your realm and find niches that are being ignored, or opportunities that are being missed. Then, using that information, we offer suggestions on how to promote yourself (in your own, brand-focused, original way) to help you climb higher!


Goals - Digital Marketing Strategy

Goal Planning (General Goals and Platform Specific Goals)

Every business needs to set goals. But having a cheat sheet on HOW to accomplish those goals doesn’t exist… right? Wrong! When it comes to accomplishing your online goals, we will provide you with the heftiest cheat sheet of them all – the holy grail or crown jewels, if you will. Because when you have all the resources necessary to achieve those goals, and a ‘strategy’ on how to manage your online presence effectively, you can only thrive!


Campaign Suggestions 

The creative strategy is the action part of the plan – offering detailed information on what to share with your audience, how to stand out among the rest, and so much more. It is in this strategy section that you will gain inspiration and stepping stones to online success!

In each strategy, we detail creative digital campaigns that will maintain your brand and help you to reach (aka: not get scrolled passed by) your target audience. These are four actual custom campaigns for YOU that are ‘big ideas’ broken down by platform.

  • How to implement each campaign on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Samples posts created from scratch for you to use on each platform, for each campaign
  • Detailed instructions on how/when to use each campaign
  • Tying these campaigns in with other marketing initiatives (both online and offline)

Some bonuses also include:

  • A specially created hashtag made just for you to increase interest
  • A custom designed meme to share important facts about your product

Having creative campaign ideas will hold your message together and highlight your key services and USP. With the campaign suggestions we provide you with, you can use them across your channels to elevate your overall marketing message!


Hashtag Recommendations

Hashtags are the dragons of the kingdom when it comes to boosting your social media! In every marketing strategy, we will research WHICH hashtags are relevant to your small business, which have a greater impact, and which hashtags are relatable to your products or services that will expand your reach! It may be just one page of the strategy, but that one page is filled with magic that will give your business a boost in the battle!


Tag Recommendations & Influencer Strategy 

Digital marketing is all about being noticed. In order to improve your digital marketing and become seen by your target audience, tagging is one of the best solutions! In each marketing strategy, you are given a detailed list of businesses/influencers/collaborators that are within your market who can be tagged in social media posts, reached out to directly, written about in blogs, and more. Through this list, connecting and teaming up with these individuals/businesses will eventually grow your business and offer the chance for a wider reach!



Calm the raging dragon of digital marketing and approach it with a renewed sense of power! Okay that was my final GOT reference… Now, are you ready to learn how you can improve your small business presence online and achieve further success? Contact us for a digital marketing strategy that will give you everything you need to rule among all the other digital realms!

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