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How to Create a Marketing Strategy for Business

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How to Create a Marketing Strategy for Business

Now that you know how to create your own Marketing Analysis (see our other blog if you missed it!), it is time to get to the fun part!  * Drumroll please! * …. The Marketing Strategy!! …


For those of you who still have a blank look on your face, just wait until you hear what this bad-boy is all about!


A Marketing Strategy is a unique tool that will help you determine how your company can get SOOOO much better digitally! It is a comprehensive document that offers creative ideas to boost your business online, hashtags that are specific to your industry, platform specific goals, digital advertising campaigns that reach beyond the web, and so much more!

Why would you want a marketing strategy? If you have struggled with knowing WHAT to post, WHEN to post it, and are tired of putting money into social media projects that just AREN’T WORKING… then a Marketing Strategy will help you get out of that rut! Take a look at what goes into this incredibly resourceful document, and begin to strategize how you can get your business online to stomp out the competition!


STEP 1: Blogging

Many small business owners try to avoid the word ‘blog’ as much as possible. Probably because it has been neglected for years and brings up a feeling of nausea when they are reminded…

Here is your step 1 to getting out of the blog-blues!

The first part of the marketing strategy is coming up with blogs ideas; specifically, blogs that contain keywords relevant to your industry and USP. Brainstorm as many blog titles as you can and jot them down. Sometimes simply having a blog topic in mind can inspire you to start writing them! If you are stuck on where to even begin, try online tools such as AnswerThePublic to help you come up with some blog ideas. With Jumping Elephant’s Marketing Strategy, we like to offer our clients 30 hit-keyword blogs, so if you can come up with 15 on your own, you will have enough to write about for the next 6+ months!

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STEP 2: Creative Campaigns

Now here is where you get to pull out the dress-up box and get creative. Put on your wizard’s hat and start thinking of fun, interesting, unique, and ENGAGING marketing ideas that you could share on social media! The sky is the limit with this one, and you will have to dig deep to think of creative campaigns that are shareable.


Need an example?

Let’s say you are a local business selling home-grown organic strawberries (yum!).

Instead of posting strawberry photos every single day (though minimalism is popular right now… may be sort of a fun idea just to post a different strawberry with a different background every day… See? This is fun!), you decide to create an online campaign that shares a meme of EXACTLY how many boxes of strawberries you picked that month!

  1. SO – Each month you share an on-brand meme sharing how many boxes were gathered.
    1. Better yet, before you reveal the big number, you host a competition to see if your followers can guess how many – winner gets strawberries!
  2. You reveal the answer by creating a LifeLapse video with the winners name and their guess written in strawberries as the last image!

Whatever your business is, get creative and find ways to share information, updates, and distinctive content to engage your followers.


NOTE: Remember! Not all of the campaigns you create within your Marketing Strategy will work for every platform. Come up with 3-4 creative campaigns and pick which social media platform they will work best on!


STEP 3: Social Media Platform Specific Strategies

Social Media - Marketing Strategy

Of course, your creative campaigns can’t be the only things you post. You need to come up with other organic content that is sharable, likeable, and comment-able (Look! I made a new word!). The best way to brainstorm some of these posts is to observe others in the industry who are succeeding online. Do they have a unique post that shares a look behind-the-scenes? Are they using original photos to share their product? Study what they are doing and see how you can make similar posts that are elevated and specific to YOUR business. But no copy-cats! That’s boring!

NOTE: Make sure that whatever post-types you come up with, work for the specific platforms you use. For example:

  • Twitter needs short captions, images when possible, and 4-5 hashtags.
  • Facebook succeeds best with images or videos, intriguing captions, and tags of other businesses/individuals.
  • Instagram will require 15-20 hashtags per post, engaging content, and high-quality images that are on-brand, interesting.
  • Etc.

Find those social media specific posts that will work for your pages, and start giving your followers content that they can get excited about!


Hashtags - Marketing Strategy

STEP 4: Hashtags

Everybody loves a good hashtag!! (Not only because they look like a delicious breakfast food!) Hashtags are the perfect opportunity to show wit/humor, reach those in your target audience, and find individuals who may be interested in your products or services but didn’t know about you. In order to accomplish all of these things you need to do some research, or as we like to call it, you need to go down the ‘Instagram vortex!’ (Find one hashtag, look at others similar to it, find a photo with that hashtag, look at their other hashtags, find a new hashtag, see what that hashtag is used with….’) We like to give our clients a whopping 100 hit and relevant hashtags, but if you can find at least 40 to alternate your posts with, you will be off to a good start!


OR, if you’re scared of the dark (the vortex can go very deep) we can curate 150 hashtags for you as part of our 150 hashtags for 150 dollars service.


STEP 5: Tag Recommendations

Every business needs supporters – whether they are customers or B2B interactions. The best way to get ‘support’ on social media (seen through likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc.) is to tag a new herd who would be interested in your small business. Take some time to research and find the tag handles for:

  • Influencers in your industry
  • Competitors (both in your region and elsewhere)
  • B2B potential partners
  • Existing clients
  • Those deserving recognition

Once you have a comprehensive list of those who you can connect with through tagging, start taggin’ ‘em! The more you tag (without being spammy!) the better chances you have of engaging with those accounts and making your online presence known!




Now that we have given you the secret sauce recipe to our Marketing Strategy (what can we say, we love you enough to share!), you can get started on a new approach to your social media and online presence! By taking each of these steps, you will be JUMPING in no time with all of the success your business will find! Good luck!


Did you just read that blog and go, “Whoa… no way can I do that!” We get that running a small business takes time, money, and a lot less sleep, so why not hand over the stress to us? Our elephant herd loves creating Marketing Strategies that will help small businesses succeed. We will get the creative juices flowing and hand you a pretty and complete document tied with a ribbon, so you don’t have to worry about the strategy creation! Contact us for more info or to get started on your marketing strategy and business success today!

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