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How to Create a Sales Post for Small Business Social Media Marketing

How to Create a Sales Post for Small Business Social Media Marketing

When it comes to making posts, writing content, and sharing information on social media, HOW you present your business is everything. Social media marketing is not necessarily about the quantity in which you post, but rather it is about the quality of what you post. One good quality post is worth 100 other posts that are ‘meh’ any day of the year. That is a promise! It is essential for small businesses to create mind-blowing sales posts in order to see the return! Not sure what we mean by ‘sales post?’ Let us explain.

Imagine you are scrolling through your Instagram feed and you see a picture of a number of colourful chocolates lines up in a display case – a photo taken in the retail store. It says ‘sale’ over top of it. Are you interested in making the trek to purchase? Maybe. Now imagine you see a beautifully designed picture featuring these same delicious chocolates perfectly organized on a white marble countertop. Alongside the mouth-watering desserts is orange on-brand bold text stating, “Buy 5 chocolates get 10 free!” (Yes please!!) The image is so appealing and the sale so un-missable, that you have no choice but to click the link in the bio and move towards purchasing an embarrassing amount of chocolate. Now THAT is a sales post that will succeed!

Ready to start figuring out how to make these posts and drawing in a better ROI? We thought so! Here is your step-by-step guide on how to make a sales post for your small business and boost your social media marketing!



Step 1 – Make a Plan

Before you go adding graphics and downloading free images off of the web, you need to have a basic idea of what you are going to sell in your sales post. Obviously, you are the brains of the business, so you know exactly what your business sells. But you need to narrow it down. Social media marketing is best done when there is a focus and target in mind. Before getting ready to create your image, do the following:

  • Determine what particular product/service you want to feature for the post
  • Know EXACTLY who you are selling to (pick a person – even give them a name! – someone specific who would be within your target audience)
  • Start brainstorming what your target audience likes to look at on social media (ex. flat lays, boss babe images, memes, etc.)

Once you have an idea of exactly what you want to sell (ex. head massages) and whom you are selling to (ex. Don, the busy, overworked, small business owner who carries all of his stress in his neck and scalp), THEN you can begin creating a post to blow your audience out of the water!

(Don’t have a plan yet? Let’s get your digital marketing strategy on the right track!)



Step 2 – Time to Create a Masterpiece!

Canva Sizing - Social Media Marketing for content creationJust as every craftsman has their tools, you will need the right apps and programs to create a masterpiece. Because small businesses are not big enough to hire a design team or purchase premium programs, it is up to you to find the best tools that will aid you in your digital design creation and fit into your budget. One of the best (and free!) programs we know of to date is Canva. This fantastic site allows you:

  • to select the perfect size for each platform,
  • access an enormous number of templates and layouts,
  • use shapes and lines to create your own design,
  • search free images and other design features,
  • select from a wide variety of text options,
  • drag in your own photos and logos,
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

This tool is literally the best. And of course, to get started all you have to do is identify the platform you want to create a sales image for! Once you have decided that, simply select your chosen platform format in Canva and let the creative juices start to flow!

(BONUS TIP!! Canva already knows that you will need to reformat the image to fit other social media sites. Simply go to the top left corner and hit ‘Resize’ and Canva will reformat your image automatically to the size you need (only available for the paid version)!)



Step 3 – Make it YOUR Brand

Brand Colours - Social Media Marketing colour picker

ANYONE can make an image using a template from Canva. You simply select the template, add your own words and voila! But the problem with this is that you have just created the most generic stock-image known to human-kind! For your sales post to succeed within your social media marketing strategy, you need to make it match YOUR OWN brand. There are a number of ways to bring in your originality and customize images to display your company:

Brand Colours

One of the simplest ways to make an image of your own is by adding your brand colours. Almost every business will have pre-selected hex codes that are used on their site, logo, etc. If you do not have these codes (in which it is greatly encouraged that you have a document with these codes!), you can always download the Chrome app extension called ColorPick Eyedropper. This app allows you to hover over your logo on your site and identify the exact hex code. Then simply go back to Canva, insert the color code and use it for the boarders, text, shapes, icons, etc. for a perfectly branded looking image!


Using Stunning Images

Overused Stock Images - Social Media MarketingStock images are the most wonderful thing sent down from above, to be shared with all small businesses who have a limited budget. There are plenty of amazing free photo sharing sites out there that will have images you can browse. Some of these include:

Using keywords, search up anything and everything on these photo sites and find an image that will work for your post! If, on the other hand, you have professional photos taken of your product, services, or team, USE THOSE! Using your own images is the ideal solution. It allows you to show more of your business than a stock image ever would. Add those photos as the background or the feature image and you are halfway done!


Add Relevant Text 

If you are choosing to add text (make sure the style matches your brand!) on to your image, you want to ensure that it is to the point and engaging. Enlarged words like ‘sale’ or ‘discount’ are always guaranteed to catch the consumer’s eye, but are they too salesy? You can also use quotes, jokes, or ‘Did You Know’ text to elaborate on your image. But the most important thing is to NEVER have more than 2 sentences worth of text on your image! Save that for the content.

Your image is only your ‘front door’ to the sales pitch (aka your content). The sales image is there to catch the eye of your target audience, draw them in, and encourage them to read the content which will inevitably lead to your website. Do this correctly and you have another dollar in your pocket!


Slap on Your Logo

Every sales image needs one final finishing touch – your logo! Slap that baby on to the image (using a PNG file is recommended) and voila! Your sales image is complete!

Social media marketing design bonus tip!! Put your logo either the top left corner or bottom right corner – it’s the way we read in English so it is the first or last thing they will see on the image.

FEFA - Social mEdia marketing 

Step 4 – Create Engaging Content

Not every sales image needs to have text. Many times, small businesses make the mistake of overloading an image with text and it ends up looking cluttered and messy. A turn-off for any onlooker. The best part about social media posts is that you can have text on an image AND text in your content when you share it.

When writing content for your sales posts, you want your words to be engaging, eye-catching, and get your point across. No one wants to read a boring paragraph about how your product ‘is the best’ and that they should ‘buy it today.’ Instead pretend you are the author of a book and your first paragraph is going to make or break whether your customer purchases your product. You want dramatic, exciting, and thought-provoking content! Paint your audience a picture, get ‘punny,’ share an interesting fact or inspiring quote – anything to keep them reading your post and guide them towards that purchase. Once you have created engaging content and added it beside your stunning new sales post, your social media marketing will be on its way to success!



Now that you know how to create a picture worth a thousand words, it is time to go and create images that will draw in customers! Be creative, have fun, and get ready to share with the world just how awesome your small business is!

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