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How to Find Time to Do Social Media as a Small Business Owner

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How to Find Time to Do Social Media as a Small Business Owner

Evaluating market research, creating a brand, ensuring you have the right licenses, searching for a location to sell your product or service… there is a TON you have to do as a small business owner! Now add to that (seemingly) never-ending list, managing your social media! Although digital marketing is necessary to grow your business, you might be feeling like it just doesn’t seem to happen. But guess what? There is an easy solution!!

One of the questions we get asked by every small business owner is “how the heck do I find the time to do social media?!” It may seem impossible, but thankfully there are plenty of strategies you can implement to make your social media management journey easier. And it won’t take long to do! Take a look at these tips and tricks that will find you the time to get your business social media pages on track!


Researching Hashtags

Hashtag Research - Small Business Owner

Hashtags may seem like the easiest part of social media, but finding relevant and popular hashtags for your social media posts takes time. Many entrepreneurs will spend hours searching for good hashtags each and every time they create a post. That takes so much longer! Hashtags don’t have to be done in the moment – they aren’t going anywhere. All of the needed hashtags can be found ahead of time, saving every small business owner an incredible amount of time in the future!

Find a moment within your busy schedule to start researching hashtags. You want to find hashtags that are:

  • relevant to your business,
  • have enough hits (we recommend using hashtags with +5,000 hits),
  • and will allow the chance for your company to be seen.

Set aside an hour or two and hit the ‘gram! Consider popular hashtags that you currently know and then (as we like to call it) let yourself be dragged down the ‘rabbit hole.’ Meaning: within those hashtags research what kinds of photos people are posting, do they match your brand, what other hashtags are they using that could work for your business? Write these all down in a document so that you can refer to them later for your posts!

PRO TIP: Not sure where to begin to find the best hashtags? Try typing in a Google search “best hashtags for _____.” Filling the blank in with your company brand, product, service, etc. There are plenty of sources out there already made that can help you compile a list that will draw attention to your social media posts! We don’t recommend relying on these, but it is a good place to start!


Using Scheduling Apps

If you have been going online each day to create the post and publish it… DON’T!!

Hootsuite - Small Business Owner TipThere is a MUCH simpler way to publish your posts that doesn’t require any daily effort on your part! The answer to your posting problem: scheduling apps! There are tools out there that allow you to enter the content, images, hashtags, and links you want to share, letting you choose what day and time it should be released on to the page. The most common scheduling app is Hootsuite that is compatible with each of the many social media platforms. Simply connect your social media pages to the app and say goodbye to wasted time.


Doing Posts in Advance

Why wait to do your content each day? Sure, posting the latest news articles on the day of release is important, but for your overall general content (sales posts, memes, blogs, etc.) plan it out ahead of time!

Create a document for yourself with a layout of the upcoming days that you would like content to go out on your social media pages.

Need a template to get started? You can download a free one here: Content Calendar Freebie!

Then sit down and come up with the content you would like to share including the image, the caption, and the link that you want to share. By doing this you will save yourself so much time to focus on the small business owner tasks you have to do rather than worrying about what to post on social today!

Not sure what type of content to create and how to go about creating it? One of the courses available on Jumping Elephant Academy will assist you in creating 30 days of content in only 1 day! Enroll for the course and begin creating a social media calendar that will result in success!


Pre-Make Memes

Just as you are pre-making your posts for the month to come, pre-make your memes too! These are easy images that can share important information, tips, and promotions of your brand that are not time-sensitive. Make as many as you can while sitting at the doctor’s office, waiting for your coffee at Starbucks, or just before you go to bed! Doing these ahead of time will give you the chance to schedule them to go out in the months and days to come!

If you don’t have a professional meme created for your business, Jumping Elephant offers brand-focused meme creation for $100 per meme template! OR let us create a full instagram grid with 9 memes for only $350!!


Have the Apps

Apps - Small Business OwnerThere is a lot time that can be found in the ‘in-between.’ The time between meetings, the time while in the cab, the time at the restaurant waiting for your client to arrive… There is so much of the little spaces in your day that can be used to your advantage!

Download the social media apps where your business is present and check in during these daytime gaps to offer customer service! Reply to comments (EVERY comment!), re-share photos, answer direct messages, and simply be present for your followers. Doing this will ensure your response time is lowered (good for your business page!) as well as get them off of your end-of-day to-do list!


Live Content

Are you out and about in your day doing business-tasks? As a small business owner myself, I know how much time can be spent running from place to place. Why not take advantage of your journeys? Offer your customers and followers live content by sharing Instagram stories of the new product you are going to check out or doing a live Facebook video to tell your audience what your business is up to ‘behind-the-scenes!’ Your audience will love that you are including them in the journey and will likely feel invested further in your product/service/brand!



We cannot emphasize this enough!! Wherever you go, your phone goes with you. So why is every small business owner not snapping photos of the process?

  • You at a meeting with a new client
  • The product hot off the production line
  • The new renovation blueprint for your office
  • New office décor
  • Pre-production meetings for new products
  • Behind the scenes of the day-to-day

Whip out that camera and capture those milestones! Snapping photos of everything now gives you the opportunity to share them later, storing them for future use will allow you to have FRESH (nearly) and RELEVANT content to share!




Take these tips to mind and know that as a small business owner, YOU CAN DO IT! Social media may seem like a lot, but when you take these small steps and plan ahead, you will see success! Now go snap some photos and utilize those small moments that are perfect to advance your business!

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