Instagram Highlights

If you’re using Instagram right, you’ve been creating stories. If you’ve been using stories right, you’ve been saving them as highlights. Are those highlights showcasing your brand and beautifying your page? Or are they just showing whatever awkward thumbnail populates from the first highlight you saved?



Custom Designed Instagram Highlights – $99 for 5

  • Instagram Highlight Designs

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Highlights are your opportunity to design your page even further and show off a cohesive, simple, digestible version of your brand.

We custom design highlight images for your 5 top Instagram categories that encourage people to look through your best featured-stories. These highlights are created as full-length story images with the icons perfectly centered for featuring. This allows you the option to share them as a story, or simply set them as a featured image via their thumbnail icon.


Popular Instagram Highlight designs:

  • Simple icons: Most popular. These are the most ‘clickable’ form of Instagram highlight.
  • Designed Images: Send us your 5 favourite images and we will design them with a bit of flair and cohesiveness
  • Abstract: Interested in something less literal? Let us design a beautiful abstract picture that loosely represents each area, so you can show off your unique style.
  • Words: Lastly sometimes letters or short words are the best way to tell your message. We create a patterned background with readable text overtop that supports the highlight name.