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Are you the kind of person who goes to events to people watch? Do you wish you could engage with every vendor/person but there never seems to be enough time? Do you walk row for row over and over so you don’t miss a single thing on the entire floor? And… at the same time, have a hard time looking up from your phone or putting down your camera? Well… WE WANT YOU!



  • Calgary & Edmonton
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver (coming soon)



How it works

This is not a full time or part time position. It is contracted per job with no guarantee of hours.



{trunks waving}

Hello from Sarah and Ashley, the 2 matriarchs of this herd. Our backgrounds are in advertising (agencies to be specific) and we are all about promoting businesses. We’ve done traditional advertising (billboards, radio ads, video scripts, magazine ads, etc.) and, more recently, digital marketing (web banners, websites, blogs, social media management, newsletters, etc). And now… WE’RE DOING EVENTS.

We are pretty thrilled we came up with this mammoth of an idea. You see, we are the kind of girls that go to tradeshows just to post fun things for people who can’t come, stare at our phones live-tweeting every word of a conference, and who’se instagram accounts are FULL of a bride’s hashtag at the end of the wedding. What can we say? We are obsessed… So us, along with a whole herd of social media managers, designers, and photographers, are going to put that millennial phone-obsession to good use, and help businesses promote their events from within.

Sarah is a Copywriter and Ashley is a Strategist – and together they are the giants of the Social Media for Events industry.



Onsite Mobile Social Media Manager

Our Onsite Mobile Social Media Manager is the core powerhouse of onsite event engagement and content capture. The Mobile SMM works to capture the essence of the entire event from the source. Seizing opportunities to collect amazing images, quick, branded writing, and live content posting, they are the most important social media asset. They ensure up-to-date information is shared, and live engagement opportunities are taken advantage of. This role includes minimal design in on-phone apps.

This role helps ensure that your attendees and online audience feel heard and can develop a meaningful connection with your brand. It also ensures you are hitting one of the many required customer touchpoints on the customer purchase journey. Some of their tasks include:

  • Social media engagement
  • Live event posting (text, image, video)
  • Social Showcases (of vendors, sponsors, related brands, speakers)
  • Event Updates/Schedule (includes speakers, scheduling changes and emergency communications, if necessary.

Maria Event Social Media Manager Lindsay - Event Social Media Manager


Remote Community Manager

Working closely with our  Onsite Mobile Social Media Manager, our Remote Community Manager oversees monitoring engagement and strengthening relationships with event attendees. The RCM works offsite, while logged into the brand or company social media accounts, to ensure that related content is shared, saved and repurposed appropriately. They also ensure that inquiries are addressed in a timely manner and extra opportunities to engage with sponsors, vendors or individuals are utilized to their full potential.

This role helps ensure that your attendees and online audience feel heard and can develop a meaningful connection with your brand. It also ensures you are hitting one of the many required customer touchpoints on the customer purchase journey. Some of their tasks include:

  • Responding to comments/tweets
  • Answering DM questions
  • Retweeting/sharing attendee/vendor posts
  • Monitoring hashtags/mentions (including misspelled or incorrect related hashtags)


Remote Social Designer

Our Remote Social Designer will create custom branded images for event pre-promotion based on requests and assets provided by your company. These images will be custom sized for best practices on social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These images will all be designed and provided PRIOR to the event.

This role helps ensure that some event-specific, branded and professionally crafted assets are available for use to remind people of your upcoming event and help create excitement. It also ensures that some content can be scheduled ahead of time and ensures the onsite specialist isn’t missing valuable content or engagement opportunities. Some of the images created include:

  • Sponsor/Vendor highlights
  • Speaker Introductions (XYZ is known for their work on ABC and is an expert in QRS)
  • Event Updates/Schedules (‘up next is… XYZ’ at the FGH Stage in Hall F)
  • Event Social Media Contests (introduce event, sponsor or vendor contests and promote the use of custom branded hashtag)
  • Custom Facebook, Twitter or Instagram event headers
  • Custom award winner template

Social Media Graphic Designer Social Media Graphic Designer


Onsite Designer

Our Onsite Designer will create custom branded images for you and capture perfect moments live from your event. They will be set-up in a designed area with a wired Internet connection and working directly with an onsite photographer to create assets and other on-site materials based on the professionally captured images. A benefit to having the designer on site is that they know exactly how they want something to look and can do some of their own live image capture to meet your unique graphic needs.

This role also ensues that there is a back-up social media expert available to assist the Onsite Mobile Social Media Manager and create professional assets with immediate onsite feedback. This role also ensures that professionally taken images can be quickly edited and uploaded rather than waiting for the end of the event and billing out a photographer’s services at a more inflated rate. Some of the images / assets created include:

  • Live video
  • Infographics
  • Event posters (templates for next year’s event)
  • Daily visual recaps
  • Thank you for attending – email letterhead/templates
  • Professionally edited images for albums


Social Photographer

Our professional social photographer will capture staged and candid shots throughout the event. Their high-quality photos will boost the marketing efforts of the SMM team and the entire event. From capturing on-the-show floor images of booths, attendees and demonstrations to making guests feel like stars on a media wall, or red carpet, the social photographer captures images for social media standalone posts, albums or for use in the onsite designer’s creations. The photographer is also available to take images at after-party events or award shows.

This role ensures that you have an entire database of professional images to use in future event promotion, and that attendees look their best (and want to tag themselves on Facebook). The social photographer understands the nuances of shooting for social platforms and is available to shoot various aspects of your event. Some of the images captured include:

  • Event albums for Facebook (paired with Designer, or raw images provided to you for edits)
  • Low res photo rights included (for future web and social use)
  • High res edited photos available (at additional cost)
  • Can add custom branded watermark to all posts (paired with Designer)
  • Guest/attendees “red carpet” or media wall
  • Live action shots of product demos, speakers or entertainment
  • Images that capture the true event experience for attendees

Event Photographer Event Photographer


Social Videographer

Our professional videographer will capture staged and candid videos throughout the event, sharing them to social media same day (either as same day edits or raw footage). Live videos boost the marketing efforts of the SMM team and the entire event. The videographer is available to shoot things that you feel are important to capture and things that help boost your social media presence.

This role ensures that video is included as part of your overall event marketing strategy and greatly contributes to your social engagement. Additional cameras can be set up for time lapse videos (to be provided after the event) at an additional cost. Utilize high quality equipment and expertise to ensure that the video you are posting is top notch – just like your event. The videographer is also available to hire for your after-party or award show, at an additional cost. Some of the experiences captured include:

  • Micro-interviews (1-2 questions max)
  • Short speaker clips (edited from segments)
  • Ask me anything’s (AMA’s)
  • Funny messages from attendees (sentiment or other emotional responses)
  • Candid moments
  • Short video testimonials
  • Short video demonstrations on the show floor
  • Short videos of food prep or service

Note: Due to the nature of video editing, and the fact that most videos are captured on professional equipment rather than mobile devices, not all footage will be available to share “LIVE” on the spot – some will need to be edited throughout the day and posted later (same day). Other footage will be edited, and files shared after the event.