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Kootenay Kingfisher had an interesting dilemma.

Purchasing the company from someone else, they bought the name and reputation that went with it. The problem, though, was that they did not do fishing tours in the Kootenay’s, as the name might suggest. The Kootenay Kingfisher is a hugely successful fishing bird and the company focused on that aspect of the name. However, the majority of their leads came from Kootenay Lake fishing inquiries. They, in fact, focused their efforts on the Ucluelet where they could catch Chinook, Coho, and Halibut fish.

We had to create a website that not only looked great, but performed the task of educating people quickly and easily (and google is the hardest critic) that they did fishing tours off of Vancouver Island in Ucluelet. As well as allowing people to book their trips online!


Home Page

The site was to be masculine in nature, but without alienating women.

We added snippets of information for consumers to digest, such as the 2 services (full day and half-day), as well as testimonials. Things that tourists would be most curious about when planning their expedition. We also added a live feed for Instagram so that the client didn’t have to worry about updating their website gallery portfolio.

kootenay kingfisher website


Types of Fish

We thought it would be fun to really showcase the types of fish available when fishing the Ucluelet. This would get people excited bout the potential to catch some real whoppers. These are all fish that have been caught off the Kootenay Kingfisher boat.

These fish were added as drop downs and segmented into the types of fish, so that people could read more about each – without us having to clutter the page.

types of fish in ucluelet


Booking an Expedition

This website had the functionality of booking the service directly from the website, where they had previously only accepted phone calls. Here, visitors could book a fishing tour in advance of their trip, helping with the tourism aspect.

fishing tours ucluelet

kootenay kingfisher fishing trips

fishing trip booking online


About Kurt & Cindy

As a small business, it is important to showcase the owners. Especially when they are also the ones taking you out on your tours. People want to see who they will be interacting with and spending an entire day with, so we made sure to add a feature for both Kurt and his partner Cindy. We also included the boat and some information about the company and its services.

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