Landing Pages

You have 3 clicks to make a sale.

Read that again. You only have three clicks to sell your products. That means that when someone sees your product online, or sees an ad, or finds a blog with a link to your products (however they found you), they will only click 3 times to finalize a purchase, or subscribe to your newsletter, or whatever other actionable-goal you have.

What THAT means, is that you can’t send people to a big sales page or a home page. You need to send them to a page specifically outlining your goal. And EVEN IF you have a product page… is it a super quick, easy to resonate, smooth transition from where they came from?

For example: You have a facebook ads. People click that ad. You want the page that they land on to look and feel exactly like the ad they came from and display the product/service and any discounts or features you were advertising in one short, easy to digest page. You want people to feel like they followed the right link. And you want them to be able to ‘add to cart’ or ‘subscribe’ or ‘contact us’ RIGHT AWAY. That’s it.

  1. 1 click from Facebook
  2. 1 click to add to cart/subscribe/contact
  3. THAT’S IT – no 3rd click. You got them.

THIS is how you make quick sales. This is the foundation of a lead generation campaign.

Perfectly designed, intuitive, goal-focused landing pages that get to the point, sell your product/service/action, and capture leads.

What’s Included

There are a number of key, albeit subtle, things that go into a landing page.

  • Custom design to match your facebook ad
  • Direct and effective sales content
  • Lead generation form / contact page implementation
    (*Lead Generation Form must be pre-setup. We can help with that too – $50)
    (*For nicer form capabilities not available through form embedding we recommend Thrive Themes (1-time payment for an unlimited site license)
  • Or product sale feature (Optional: ‘Add to Cart’ – Product must be pre-setup. We can help with that too – $50)

Note: We recommend your own images be provided to us for use. Free stock images will be used if necessary and when possible.
*Does not include the cost of paid stock images if required.


Sample Landing Pages

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