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Lead Generation for Long-Term Business Success!

Lead Generation for Business Success

Lead Generation for Long-Term Business Success!

You’ve heard of a sales funnel. Well, a sales funnel is not just 1 thing, it is comprised of multiple marketing tactics that ‘funnel’ from one to the next.

Before you can sell your products or services, you need LEADS (warm or cold!) to sell to. But how do you get those leads? How do you contact people who are interested in your offerings? And how do you slowly sell to them by proving your worth without scaring them off right away? And when they ARE ready to buy, how do you make it so easy that they can’t possibly get lost along the way?

And with all of that said… How do you do it without spending EVERY WAKING HOUR of the day marketing? The answer: lead generation for your business. Here’s what you need to know!


How Lead Generation HelpsHow Lead Generation Can Help

Are you manually doing outreach and searching for that next sale? If so, then lead generation is the solution to your marketing woes. By designing a marketing funnel and automating it to drop warm leads right into your inbox (or email marketing program), you are able to sell to people when THEY are looking for you. And you can do this without having to be present! Because, let’s be honest… people research at weird times of the day!

Lead generation funnels are set up to get in front of the people who are already interested in your products/services. Collect their emails, and sell them your best and most relevant offerings. BOOM! Not only are these targeted sales initiatives, but they happen automatically and in a very specific and customized process that result in more qualified leads and a higher close rate.


What the Heck is Lead Generation Anyway?

Lead generation is the second tier of your marketing funnel (it can certainly be your first if people frequently visit your website… but usually more organic steps make up tier 1 (such as blogs, social media posts, ads, etc.).

There are an infinite number of ways to set up a lead generation funnel, and most have to do with 2 key foundational elements.

  1. Giving people something free that is relevant to their need of your offering
  2. Collecting their email address in return for that free gift


Essential Lead Generation Tools

In short, lead generation is collecting emails from warm leads using the following tools:


Landing PagesLanding Page - Lead Generation

You have 3 clicks to make a sale. When someone shows interest in your product/service by clicking a link, you want to make sure that that sale is ‘only a click away’ and that they do not get lost on the way. Creating a landing page that is made specifically to accompany any sale, promo, ad, or feature ensures that people landing on it feel that they are in the RIGHT PLACE. They see the breadcrumb and are comfortable buying. Plus! People don’t want to have to WORK to give you money. So make sure they are able to make a purchase in 3 clicks or less!

Example: While I could direct people to my academy page (, I would much rather have a webinar or link that that speaks to a specific course and send them directly to the relevant course. If someone were interested in learning how to do lead generation for their business, for example, I would send them directly to my complete digital marketing course ( This is one less click for them, and they feel heard.


Lead Magnet (Freebie)

People are not just going to give you their email because you say ‘subscribe to my newsletter.’ You need to EARN their trust and give them something in return! Why not use this as an opportunity to give them a sample of what they can expect if they were to work with you – or an instant #win like a cart discount!

Lead magnets are one of the most effective ways to earn an email. When paired with an opt-in form, they are THE way to grow your email list. They also serve as a reputation and brand strengthening machine with a side of ‘I want more – I’ll hire you.’

Examples of lead magnets include:

  • Ebook
  • Checklist
  • Template
  • Free course
  • Discount

Create these custom for your company with your branding and about your services. They are ‘DIY’ in naturel, but those who want to know more know where to come.


Lead Generation Forms

When people are not coming from a specific link and instead are browsing your website, lead generation forms are the best way to capture their emails. These are predominantly used as newsletter subscription boxes, but with a little bit of strategy, lead forms can be far more effective with greater payoff. Paired with a solid lead magnet (see above), lead generation forms are the vehicle that gets their email to your list seamlessly and automatically.


After you have used the tools, and the funnel is set up, all you need to do now is FOLLOW UP! Start creating the best lead generation solutions for your business and watch it succeed!

Overwhelmed with lead generation? Don’t know how to start from where you are already at? These methods are just ONE part of the amazing inclusions you will get assistance with when you hire Jumping Elephant as a Fractional CMO! Send us a note and let’s figure out how to get your marketing on track!