Lead Generation Forms

You’ve seen pop-ups. And you probably had 1 of 2 experiences with them.

  1. You were annoyed and clicked X right away
  2. You saw something that you actually really wanted to download so you gave your email to get it.

We ONLY create lead generation forms that fall into the second category. And guess what?! They don’t even need to be pop-ups.


Kinds of Lead Generation Forms

A lead generation form is a form that you can add anywhere on your website to collect people’s email addresses. The most common and effective lead generation forms are:

  • Pop-up lightboxes (set to only ‘pop up’ when someone goes to leave the page)
  • Sticky ribbons (at the top of the page)
  • In-line forms (to fit seamlessly into any page or blog)
  • 2-step opt-in forms (with a quick easy button followed by a pop-up form)
  • Slide in (to casually slide in from the side of the screen but not interrupt)
  • Widget (to be placed permanently in the sidebar of any page)
  • Screen-filler overlay (to be used sparingly with big impact)
  • Content-lock (so people have to sign up to see amazing content)
  • Scroll mat (to get big info in a big way – but easier to take)
  • Yes/No and multiple-choice forms (to grab attention quickly and engage)


Lead Generation Forms for Business

The future (and present) of marketing is email. Owned marketing is more important than ever with the continual shift of social media away from business and the high-prices you need to start paying to compete (if you don’t want to put in the manual time). Having someone’s email gives you access to them when you need to share something big. Email marketing is huge and has the highest return on investment of all other marketing efforts, but first… you need a list.

We will build lead generation forms for your business that are connected DIRECTLY to your email marketing campaigns and system so that you can start automatically building your list where you need it most!


What’s Included

  • Strategic plan for lead generation
  • Custom design of lead generation form
    (form software cost not included – we recommend Thrive Themes since it is only a 1-time payment and is the most robust lead generation plugin for the small cost. Free alternatives available)
  • Connection to email marketing software
    (must have email marketing form & automation setup on backend – we can help you with this: $50)
  • Sales content written
  • ‘Success’ message or redirect link setup
    (for redirection, page must be created. Need a landing page? We can help)
  • Recommendations for lead funnel (lead magnet (freebie), email drip campaign, etc).


Lead Generation Form Examples

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