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We were contacted to create an extremely bright, bubbly, and fun website for a company that does beading and glitter tattoo parties for children. We wanted the website to embody a child on their birthday and so added lots of fun colours, shapes, and fonts. EXCEPT for the woman’s beading pages – which are an entirely new design of their own (scroll down to see).

Since the target is the parents, who would be hiring her to come for their child’s birthday, we made sure the content was mature and answered all the questions an enquiring parent would have.



Home Page

We kept the home page simple by showing some of her own photos, as well as an introduction to the artist. It has enough content for SEO but encourages people to visit the other pages. This website was lighter on content so imagery and design played a large role.

Let Me Bead Home page Beading parties home page


Bead / Nail / Tattoo Pages

Since there are only a select 3 services offered, we wanted to make sure each one really stood out and sold itself. We created nav for each service, rather than a drop-down for all of them, and highlighted the features on the about page. Each page had keywords specific to that style of party, as well as portfolio images from past children’s parties.

fake tattoo childrens parties beading and nail childrens parties bead parties calgary glitter tattoo parties calgary

Woman’s Parties

Let Me Bead didn’t only offer parties for children. With the surge in popularity for beaded bracelets, they also offered beading parties for women. Perfect for bachelorettes, birthdays, and ladies nights, we wanted to make sure these pages looked nothing like the kid’s pages and instead catered to the trendy modern woman. These internal pages were created with their own brand and design – something unique.

womans beading parties womans beading parties home page womans bead design



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