Live Social by Event Type

Live social media is a hard thing to wrap your head around. Don’t you just take a few pictures of your event and answer questions online when you can?
Well, here are some of the programs we do for different kinds of events, to give you a better idea of what should be involved in properly promoting your event online.

Who we serve:

  • B2C Tradeshow
  • B2C Conference / Concert
  • B2B Tradeshow
  • B2B Conference
  • Small Event
  • Wedding

Business to Consumer (B2C)

B2C events are prime candidates for event engagement on social media. Many smart phone users go to events LOOKING for ways to engage. By providing them a solid platform to engage (branded hashtags, contests, company posts, etc.), you are satisfying their need to be social and reaping the benefits. Consumers use a number of social channels to post their own pictures, videos, and comments, and having a team replying and sharing will encourage continuous activity. On the flip side, when consumer’s efforts go unnoticed their eagerness plummets and activity fizzles out early on.

To miss out on this opportunity for a B2C event would be ludicrous!


In our experience, B2C tradeshows are usually pretty huge in terms of size of event, number of expected attendees, and the sheer volume of daily programming available to guests. For these types of shows, we recommend a full package that includes photography, live posting and engagement, videos, event updates and contests, if you want to run them.


We share photos live to your Facebook and Instagram, join in, and monitor the conversation on Twitter to ensure any questions or inquiries do not go un-addressed. We also do our best to tag those in the images, whether they are speakers, influencers, or simply guests having a great time to promote sharing and engagement with the content after the event.

+Custom memes

We take great images at your event, and turn them into shareable, branded content. We can create memes from your event using any of the following:

  • Fun facts or motivational messages
    Quotes from speakers or guests
    Comments or testimonials


If you have a branded backdrop as attendees enter, we will snap away to make your guests feel like they are on the red carpet. We also offer:

  • Event albums for Facebook
  • Professional photographer on site capturing moments (staged and candid)
  • Low res photos


We offer the following short video services for B2C tradeshows:

  • Sentiments from attendees
  • Short clips of influencers, speakers or sponsors interacting with guests
  • Candid moments
  • Short video testimonials
  • Boomerangs


We make sure your guests don’t miss any of the excitement by providing updates on seminars, speakers, product demos, entertainment and changes in programming.


Running contests on social media has become extremely popular to encourage the use of branded hashtags and to promote engagement with specific brands or aspects of the event. Whether you have an idea about a particular contest or want us to create one for you, we can ensure guests not only understand how to participate, but also get excited to take part, and are posting about it for the duration of your event.



B2C conferences are usually organized chaos. With a number of speakers and presenters hitting multiple stages at the same time, attendees are scooped up in the bustle. Our relay of professional photography and social media photography allows us to capture the key moments in each presentation, as well as the fun in between. Candid shots, stopping groups for photos, and an accurate account of the keynote’s passion.


Often with multiple stages, or even with 1 main stage and a sales floor – speech start times and other important schedule updates can get lost on the masses. We support the organization with live event updates of important times and locations so attendees never feel lost.


B2C conferences are often quite different than B2B. Consumers are much more ‘individual’ and personal than business attendees, who tend to be more in a networking mode. Consumers are a great source of video content for things like reviews, questions, feedback, and are more likely to get ‘silly’. Boomerangs, candid videos, and other clips that build towards the ‘entertainment’ side of the event, supporting the ambiance and brand, are captured for current and future use (in low res unless otherwise purchased).

We also capture clips of speakers, crowd engagement, and presentations on stage to ensure you have the pieces you need for an event recap and for future promotions.


Live tweeting is the ideal social engagement for B2C conferences. We capture all of the key and most groundbreaking and inspirational quotes of the event in text for the world to see. By providing quality content, your attendees are able to share their favourites (and can focus more on listening than note taking), and those who were unable to attend will see the value in future events. We create posts on all social platforms specified, and promote the event as a whole through a number of media types (pics, video, text, meme, etc).

Live posting gives a platform for consumers to comment, question, and share – and we are there to respond and answer live and in the moment.

+Custom memes

We take great images at your event, and turn them into shareable, branded content. We can create memes from your event using any of the following:

  • Fun facts or motivational messages
  • Quotes from speakers or guests
  • Comments or testimonials

Business to Consumer (B2B)

Many business-to-business events neglect social media because they don’t necessarily think they need it. Though it’s a very different type of engagement you get from a B2B event than a B2C event, there are still many untapped opportunities to make your brand shine and engage with the right type of industry personnel on social.



Our photography option for B2B tradeshows is a little bit different then our standard photography blitz for Instagram. We focus more on photographing influential attendees, and candid shots of guests engaging with the brands being showcased at your event. We also capture shots of demos and short talks for use on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.


It’s easy to get caught up when you are enjoying yourself at an event. Help your valued attendees ensure they don’t miss any demonstrations or events being showcased at your tradeshow by utilizing live event updates on Twitter.


We capture video feedback from your guests while they are at your event. This can include short Q&A’s, video testimonials or anyone who has an interesting opinion about something related to your event or something they just took part in.


As with all of our services, B2B tradeshows receive full content creation and community management treatment. Everything from sponsoring vendors to answering questions about where to find certain booths and event info.



For B2B conferences, we focus on taking images of keynote speakers, engaged guests, and capturing shots between speakers of your attendees engaging with each other, or any of the event sponsors.

It’s not all about the candid shots, though. We also take posed photos against branded backdrops, if you choose to have one at your event.


Conferences can be busy places, and oftentimes, there are multiple things happening all at once. Help your valued attendees ensure they don’t miss presentations or events they are looking forward to at your conference by utilizing live event updates.


Short video is vital for your B2B conference. We capture short speaker clips of the most memorable moments, for use on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. We can also work with your speakers or influencers to shoot some “Ask me anything’s”, which are popular views on Facebook. Capturing video feedback from your guests while they are at your event allows people to be heard and results in a positive experience. This can include short Q&A’s, video testimonials or anyone who has something interesting to say about a speaker they just saw or a great idea they just had.


Through our live posting your brand will be sharing the most entertaining moments or groundbreaking quotes spoken during keynotes.We’ll also be sure to share and reply to everyone engaged in the conversation about your event and share/retweet attendee’s great live-share additions to the conversation.

The second part of this is monitoring conversations, and keeping track of valuable feedback for you. With this we can address any questions or concerns your guests may have. We’ll also be sure to share and reply to everyone engaged in the conversation about your event.

Smaller Events

Debating getting social for your next personal gathering? Think of a small-scale networking event where there are tons of people you want to spend time with. It’s almost impossible to take great photos and post updates online, while still getting to interact with your guests. Let us take the stress out of your need to be social while you are staying present. We can create a small-scale personal package to meet your live event social media needs.

Anything you may have read in the B2C trade show section can be downsized to meet the unique needs of your small event. Whether you are just looking for a social media photographer and a social media platform manager or someone to help run a contest, we can ensure your small event shines brightly on all of your social media platforms.



Corporate culture has never been so important in our workplace. Dwindling are the days where people used to flock to huge corporate conglomerates where they were nothing more than a small unknown cog in a wheel, working 10-12 hours a day for little to no credit. More often than not, employee satisfaction is based on having an open and fun (think work hard, play hard) workplace where they get up every day, love where they work and adore their coworkers. One way companies are building even more brand advocacy for their businesses with their own employees is by incorporating some live social media into their work functions.

Holiday party coming up? Great, hire a photographer, throw up a media wall and create a photo album for your staff to tag themselves and share the posts on their own networks.

Members of your firm representing your company at a large event? We can tag along and make sure everyone knows just how well your employees are there representing your brand!

Team building trip? Why not hire someone to snap candid shots, do short interviews with staff members, and publish blogs about the weekend. You can even hire us to be a part of your mini social committee to ensure if there is social media worthy content taking place at one of your events (from Axe Throwing to Pub Nights), someone is there to document it and share it with the world.

Not only will this increase engagement within your firm with your team, but it makes your organization look way more appealing to potential future employees, or even corporations wanting to do work with you (and it could even land you on a Forbes list of great places to work!)



Decided to do a last minute pop up shop or art gallery for a weekend long showcase of your artistic ventures? We’re happy to be there to snap photos of your guests interacting with your pieces (and each other), and grab authentic in-the-moment sentiments of just how people feel while experiencing your show.



Your brand decided to sponsor a local event or have a booth at a small street festival? That’s fantastic, and so much fun – but it’s also probably a lot more work than you thought it was going to be. While you are trying to be there, in the moment, interacting face-to-face with your audience, fans or potential customers, let us do the digital stuff. We will snap pics of your booth at the event, get to know the neighbours on either side of you (and engage them), and post neat re-usable content to populate your social channels. There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that you were there, and you were having a blast, and then need to follow up with you!



A common sentiment heard lately is that many couples complain that their wedding photos contain images of guests on their phones, whether they are taking photos, posting about the wedding, or just answering emails. If you want to do what many are doing and “ban” cell phones during your ceremony, we can work with your wedding photographer to ensure we have some live content to post to social media during your big day of guests, and you, without the added eyesore of cell phones clouding the images.



One of our qualified, professional, unnoticable social media managers will walk around during the reception and capture candid and posed moments to ensure everyone is being included and mentioned in the posts. We also offer assistance setting up and using a Snapchat geofilter for your wedding day.


  • Funny messages, inspirational quotes or heartfelt sentiments to the married couple from guests
  • Short interviews with members of the wedding party or parents of the bride and groom


We will help you create a custom hashtag for the event, or use the one you have created on all posts for your special day


We will create a custom chatbook of more fun interactive images from your instagram hashtag used throughout the day/night.