LIVE Social

Why Do You Need Social Media At Your Event?

“91% of event professionals stated that increasing engagement at their events was an important priority for their organization”

That is an overwhelming number of event professionals that see the inherent value of live engagement at events. Are you part of that 91%? If not, have you ever taken a moment to consider why?

60% of smart-phone users are using their devices at social gatherings and events”

Do you want to miss a chance to create a meaningful touch point with a potential customer because you are not online, where they are?
See how our event social media services will bring you the ROI you’re looking for.

77% of event marketers use social media to promote before and during their event and 61% of event marketers use social media as a promotional tool after their event.

Elephant’s Remark is an on-site, day-of ‘Live Social Engagement’ service specializing in social media management and engagement at business-to-business and business-to-consumer events.

We act on behalf of events/shows/businesses/individuals to interact with attendees and document the activities of the day for current and future marketing efforts. By managing the social platforms of events we are able to encourage attendees to communicate online and share their experiences, further promoting the event through their own social channels.

With professional photographers, designers, and Social Media Content Creators on site, posts are able to go out ‘live’ for timely engagement, and professionalism and branding are never compromised.