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Mark & Shanon Nucerity MLM: Social Media – Blogging

Mark & Shanon Nucerity MLM: Social Media – Blogging

Mark & Shanon are top of their industry as Multi-Level-Marketers for the skincare brand Nucerity. They realized early on that content is king and much of their success came from offering educational and free information about their products and services (as coaches of other MLM’s). I was contacted by Shanon to begin creating daily blogs right away, which was vital to getting their brand new website searchable on Google.

Writing for an MLM team is a whole different ball game than a typical business client. It means capturing the essence of the person, wholeheartedly. This is not a brand. This is an individual (or two) with his/her own powerful personality that must shine through any message.


Mark & Shanon Blog Samples

nucerity skincare comparison

nucerity ingredients

Mark & Shanon Blog Overview

We created over 100 blogs for Mark & Shanon. Below is a sample of the most recent blogs.


Mark & Shanon blog 3 Mark & Shanon blog 2 Mark & Shanon blog 1 Mark & Shanon blog 4 Mark & Shanon blog 5 Mark & Shanon blog 6

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