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Marketing Funnels for Lead Generation: The Why, How, and When!

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Marketing Funnels for Lead Generation: The Why, How, and When!

So… you want to see your online presence generate amazing ROI? With great digital marketing, this is totally possible! With the use of your website, emails, and social media accounts, you have the possibility for lead generations at your fingertips! The best way to improve your leads is to create some kick @$$ marketing funnels that will bring the people to you! Not sure what, why, how, and when to do them? No problem! We have broken down everything you need to know about building funnels and the order to work on them to ensure you get the leads and ROI that you have been longing for!


User Friendly - Lead GenerationStep 1: A User-Friendly Website

There is nothing more frustrating to an online user than arriving at a business’ website and being unable to use it properly. Broken links, slow page load, confusing tabs… This not only misses the opportunity for the business to share information that could lead to a sale, it also means that you have turned AWAY a potential client/customer. To avoid this mistake and make that conversion, a website needs to:

  • Be Responsive (speedy quick like The Flash!)
  • Be Engaging (*cheering heard from distance*)
  • Be Up to Date (time to share info that isn’t from 2001…)
  • Be Branded (represent your company!)
  • And Lead to Sales in max 3 Clicks (click, click, CLICK! SOLD!)


SEO - Lead GenerationStep 2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

S-E-O. If you’ve been working on increasing your ‘findability’ and ‘popularity’ on the oh’ so famous, world wide web (particularly all-mighty Google), then you have probably heard this term.

Search engine optimization is the process of ‘optimizing’ your website and content so that Google prioritizes it, aka ranks it higher on the Google search. This can be accomplished through the addition of unique content, hit keywords, and AMAZINGLY written blogs. It also has to do with backend tricks like ‘alt tags’ and ‘meta descriptions’, and headings and page titles. The better SEO you have on your site, the more traffic you will get! And the more traffic you get, the better your SEO is! And ‘round we go.


Step 3: Content Marketing

Okay now that the easy stuff is done (yes… those were the easy steps!), it is time to start working on increasing your content marketing! These are the individual items that will go onto your site to increase the ease of use, accessibility, and SEO! Begin to create original content to share from your brand. These include writing engaging and informative blogs and articles to post on your website REGULARLY. By adding continuous content, you will be able to improve your brand awareness, lead generation (always back to those Google searches!), and ability to target customers. Not sure what types of blogs to write? Try the following blog topics:

  • Answering a question
  • Sharing an update
  • List formats (ex. Best ____, Top ____, etc.)
  • Testimonials
  • Professional insights

Write blogs that will excite, inform, thrill, awe, shock, enthuse, and evoke emotions. These unique content marketing opportunities will improve your site, build trust, build loyalty, and ultimately help your SEO!


Step 4: Email Marketing

Now that your website is full of wonderful SEO goodies for ultimate lead generation, is easy to use, and is as quick as an elephant running to the watering-hole… it is time to work on email marketing! It is always recommended that you have some sort of email subscription opt-in on your website (usually through the assistance of a freebie!). Then with the emails you gather, you have the perfect chance to send out information and updates to your new followers! Email marketing is best used when communicating special information with your audience. Email Marketing - Lead GenerationThis can include:

  • Discounts/sales/promos
  • Company news
  • New blogs
  • Industry information
  • Etc.

The best way to take advantage of the many emails you have gathered is to create newsletters and email drip campaigns. Drip campaigns are a methodical sending of emails that are slowly ‘trickled’ out over time. It begins with a simple greeting, thanking them for following you (which is triggered when the subscribe), and then as the days go on, more emails are sent, becoming more and more informative, leading to an inevitable sale at the end. Not only are these email campaigns great to encourage sales, but they are automated!


Step 5: Social Media Marketing

Next step in your digital marketing solution for conversions and success is social media marketing! Social media is an INCREDIBLE way to engage and communicate daily with your audiences. Marketing - Lead GenerationThe best way to continuously interact with them is to promote your brand through the creation of unique, custom designed, and curated posts.By keeping your posts consistent and engaging, it ensures brand awareness, website traffic, and lead generation. (… are you starting to see a pattern?).

But you can’t just post and hope for the best… get in there and monitor your pages and also do some outreach of your own!


Step 6: Paid Ads

Finally, to complete your marketing funnel and drastically increase your incoming leads, the cherry on top – paid ads! These pay per click ads for Google, as well as social media ads (platform specific), work to catch the attention of your targeted online users. These highly-targeted advertising methods drive traffic to unique web pages that you have created specifically for those ads – called a ‘landing page.’ These lead funnels are perfectly crafted to ‘funnel’ users all the information they could ever need to decide on whether to buy your product or hire your business. Because the ad was targeted to them in the first place, you have the prime opportunity to close the sale efficiently and make that beautiful conversion!




Now that you know the different steps to create effective marketing funnels for ultimate lead generation, it is time to get at it! Begin to craft SEO heavy websites, improve the speed of your webpages, and create methods to lead users to the final sale. Start at the beginning and begin to work your way towards some killer marketing strategies! Good luck!

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