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This website was a long time in the making. What started off as a small update turned into a full rebrand and strategic marketing campaign.

Monique is a superstar in what she does and we needed her brand and website to really show that off. I referred her over to my good friend Ash Ahern for a rebrand, and in the meantime we worked on building her a complete digital marketing strategy so that when she was all set up her marketing would be on-point and fully guided for success.

After the new brand came through, we built a brand new website that better told the story of Monique & Rob, with the new direction of a power couple where it had previously just been Monique before.

This website covers all of their primary services ranging from nutritional coaching to helping others find their happiness, healthiness, sexiness, and wealth! It was a fun brand to work on and while we got away from the ‘Happy Healthy Sexy Wealthy’ as a business name, we carried the concept throughout the website, because it is a strong message that still needed to be told.


We LOVE building websites for network marketers, and helping then create a strategy that will ensure they stand out. The MLM world is a super competitive one and we have always believed that you cant just ‘sell product’ – you need a brand and you need a purpose.

Monique found hers early on which is why she is so successful now. I hope we can help more people find theirs.



Catch attention right upfront. Keep it branded. Be authentic.


Get to Know Us

Meet Monique & Rob! In personal branding websites, this page is so important and each deserved their own bio spot, as well as a section for them as a couple. This is where you are introduced to your future coaches and team members!



Monique & Rob are not your average Network Marketers. Sure, they are higher-ups in the Isagenix corp, but they are also nutrition and health coaches that can offer the full package. This is where the branding comes in as a way to set them apart. We wanted to promote all of their services, including their clever pantry detox as a full service offering for potential clients.



As part of being an Isagenix leader, it was a given that we needed a shop! However, so many MLM’s make the mistake of relying on sending people to their prefab landing page through their company database. We believe that keeping people on your site as long as possible and selecting the items that most resonate with your audience is key to making the sale.


Get in Touch

This is not just your normal ‘Contact Us’ page. Here we really wanted to remind people why they were reaching out and help them understand what it was they were looking for in their lives; getting them started on their path to improving their life. We broke this page down into the ‘happy’, ‘healthy’, ‘sexy’, and ‘wealthy’ categories and matched the dropdown in the form for ease and connection.

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