The information you share on a newsletter can be about a wide range of things, with everything from the latest amazing promo your business has, to an amazing recipe your staff found that is perfect to use your product for.

Whatever you send in your newsletter, your readers have to love it. Email real estate is coveted and you need to deserve to be there. If it looks anything like the generic ‘e-blast’ with ‘BUY-BUY-BUY’ plastered all over it… you can bet your bottom dollar it will end up in the trash folder.


(minimum 6-month contract to include free newsletter template design)


Not Your Ordinary ‘E-Blast’

Think of the last 10 emails you deleted from your inbox. Were they newsletters from businesses that you subscribed to at one point, but were so boring that you had to say ‘hasta la vista’?

You have to treat newsletters as a present that you give to your subscribers each month. If they open it and find a lump of coal, they won’t want to open other gifts…

And the sad thing is that newsletters are often EXPECTED to suck. We open them up, maybe to see if there is an upcoming deal, but most times, we throw them to the trash. Or worse… unsubscribe.



Newsletters should not be your outlet for a rant about the latest trend, or to bore your subscribers with the industry news only you would understand… NEWS FLASH – they don’t care! Newsletters need to be about things that your subscribers (aka your target audiences) TRULY CARE ABOUT!


What Is in a GOOD Newsletter?

When you purchase a Newsletter from Jumping Elephant, we will craft a unique and exciting email that will go out every month to your growing list of subscribers! This means that with your purchase, you will receive a shiny-new, branded newsletter template, and we will even WRITE in the information that your audiences are dying to hear!

Your Newsletter will include:

  1. A killer email subject line that users can’t help but open!
  2. A designed newsletter layout to match your business’ brand.
  3. Engaging, SEO-filled body content about the key focus for that month (ex. new promotion, partner programs, seasonal service/product tips, past events your business attended, etc.).
  4. Links to some of your latest and greatest blogs!
  5. Other highlighted pieces of information that will captivate your audiences (ex. testimonials, promotional images, FAQs, team highlights, sponsor features, etc.).
  6. And more!!


Of course, the above Newsletter inclusions, are just a few examples of the things commonly found in each newsletter. If you want to see your Email Marketing take flight in a unique direction, then WE ARE STOKED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! (We can brainstorm some great ideas that will revolutionize your newsletter!)


Opened, ROI Emails Are Our Game!

If you are tired of sending emails and seeing that they aren’t even getting opened OR if you are just not sure where to begin when creating an Email Newsletter template, Jumping Elephant is our name, and Newsletters are our game!

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