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Orange Frog Productions – Blog

Orange Frog Productions – Blog

As part of a complete marketing plan for Orange Frog Productions, a high-end lighting company in Calgary, we write 2 blogs per month to boost the traffic to their website and position them as experts in the event lighting industry. Their blogs are a mix of SEO-friendly keyword-specific blogs to bring traffic related to ‘lighting’ and ‘events’, as well as industry features and stories told by the owner of the company, Pierre Marleau.

The purpose of this split is to showcase and lean on his reputation as an industry professional and tell some of the amazing stories he has accumulated over his 30 years in the business, as well as appease the Google gods, and those looking for more general info on lighting for events. This business blogging strategy allows us to focus on not only building onto the already-strong reputation of Orange Frog Productions in Western Canada, but to also reach new markets and improve their search rankings and position through clicks to the website via organic search.

The event industry is also extremely collaborative, so it was very important to feature some of the top professionals they work with on a regular basis. Showcasing the community and creating links back to their event websites is one way to support this tight-knit group.


The blogs are written in an upscale tone that is professional in nature. Being the top lighting company in Calgary, working with some of the most elite planners and events, it was vital to showcase that through an ‘expert’ tone that was slightly more corporate in nature – especially for the keyword-focused blogs. Some more fun was had in the ‘story’ blogs as we were able to replicate the owners’ more personable tone.



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