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Orange Frog Productions: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – Social Media Management and Content Creation

OF - Facebook

Orange Frog Productions: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – Social Media Management and Content Creation

In 2018, Jumping Elephant had the opportunity to connect with Orange Frog – an award-winning luxurious event lighting company. The company came to us in search of assistance with building their social media platforms and marketing strategy to reflect the high-quality events that they were producing. The company has had the opportunity to light-up extravagant events primarily in Calgary and Edmonton, including organizations and companies such as Cirque du Solei, the Calgary Stampede, Jaguar car launches, the Calgary Flames, and Hotel Arts. The problem was that their ‘word-of-mouth’ approach was dwindling and they realized it was necessary to transform their marketing strategy into a digital success.


Jumping Elephant was hired to improve the company’s online presence through their key social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Every month our team created unique and engaging content for each platform and managed/engaged on the accounts. Each of their pages have drastically increased in followers and the number of engagements for each month since beginning with Orange Frog, as well, the company has reported a significant ROI resulting from the engagements Jumping Elephant has done.


Orange Frog Productions: Facebook

 Using the calendars created by our Jumping Elephant team, Orange Frog has steadily increased in follower and levels of engagement over each monthly contract. It is through platforms like Facebook, that allow us to share exciting monthly blogs, awards nominations, strategic content, and the latest events that Orange Frog has been a part of.
 OF - Facebook

OF Facebook - 1  OF Facebook - 3

OF Facebook - 2


Orange Frog Productions: Instagram

What began as a platform with few posts has now exploded into a display of the most innovative and luxurious lighting displays that Orange Frog has to offer. The Orange Frog Instagram account has increased from 433 followers to a wonderful 742 in just a few short months, with engagements increasing drastically from 0 to 850.

OF - Instagram

OF Instagram - 1  OF Instagram - 2

OF Instagram - 3

Orange Frog Productions: Twitter



Orange Frog Productions: LinkedIn

 In September 2018, Orange Frog Productions hosted an exposition showcasing their various lighting display options. Using LinkedIn, we were successful in finding individuals immersed in the event organization and planning industry, reaching out to them to invite them to this important event. Needless to say, the event was a huge hit and had an attendance of +100 guests where this networking group led to 2 new projects for the company.


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